Mystery of the Magic City This story is one of my childhood stories, which I used to hear from my grandmother or grandmother.

In today’s time there is no such means, which can make the mental development of children naturally. In earlier times where children were provided traditional education. Grandfather – Grandmother, maternal grandmother – Grandson – Granddaughter  Or grandchildren were responsible for the early education and sharpening of the mind. That is not possible in today’s circumstances, all those forgotten memories remain.

Today the place of elders has been replaced by mobile or communication media.

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Secrets of the Magic City – Jadui kahani

Somalpur Raja Surya Pratap was a very majestic and popular king. There was no shortage of any kind in his state text. The people were living their life happily. Surya Pratap had a son Tej Pratap who became marriageable, but he did not want to get married because of his hair.

Whenever the father or someone asked for marriage, Tej Pratap would have placed his condition in front of him, that condition was –

‘ The girl who marries him will be kicked every morning and evening. ‘

No girl agrees to get married on this condition. There would be very few who would accept such a condition. The king was troubled day by day in this worry. Tej Pratap was the only son of the king. If marriage does not take place, then how will their reign and dynasty progress, this concern is the king  He was harassed day and night.

The king sent an invitation to his son even in faraway kingdoms.

But no one agrees to the marriage in front of Tej Pratap’s condition. A long time had passed.

A girl Ragini accepted such a condition and challenge and filled yes to get married. Seeing the time and the Muhurta, both of them got married.

After completing all the rituals, when both of them reached Kohbar, Tej Pratap reminded his newly married wife Ragini of his condition and told to kick one. Ragini said you can kick me only when you will be able to earn by yourself. You can’t kick me on dad’s earnings right now. Tej Pratap fumed with anger, came out of Kohbar and left the state and went out to earn.

When Tej Pratap was discovered in the morning, it was found that he had gone out to earn money.

No one tried to find it because Ragini had stopped everyone.

Tej Pratap reached the kingdom of a king Sundarnagar after traveling for two days.

There he finds strange incidents.

First Magic Event

Tej Pratap is suddenly seen on the foot of the wall, the gathering of rats while walking. From where the melodious music was expanding. Music that Tej Pratap had never heard anywhere else.

He just stood there watching.

There was a group of rats, one rat was singing in a melodious voice, the other was gathering on the beat of the dholak.  A mouse was teasing the sound waves of the harmonium. Not only this, different types of musical instruments were communicating very smooth music. Seeing this, Tej Pratap could not believe that these rats could do such a thing.

All the rats finished their music and went back to the bill.

Tej Pratap could not forget that music, it was too late to sit.

That music was not going to detract from his ears. Then suddenly his concentration was disturbed in front the gathering was over.

The second magical event

He got up and walked some distance ahead, there was a river in the city which he had to cross to complete the way ahead. Tej Pratap to cross that river  Thinking of the idea, a jackal boat is presented to him.

somewhere master do you have to cross the river?

Tej Pratap’s eyes are torn apart.

What’s this! The jackal is driving the boat and he will make the man sit and cross it? He fell into thought.

The jackal calls again

Master do you have to cross the river?

Ha…ha, yes! I want to cross the river

Let’s get in the boat!

Tej Pratap boarded the boat with steady steps and in no time he landed across the river.

The third magical event

Tej Pratap had never seen such strange incidents before. He could not even think that a pond was visible in front of him.

A swan and a pair of swans were washing clothes at that pond.

After washing clothes, he used to toss it towards the sky. When that cloth came back on the ground, it was dry and folded on its own. Tej Pratap could not believe his eyes. Can a cloth be tossed in the sky like this and come dry and folded?

Well now he was slowly realizing that this is some magical city, strange occurrences could be normal here.

Being tired, he sat under the same tree and was watching the miracle of the swan with his own eyes.

Hans – Hansini finished her work and flew away.

Tej Pratap was sitting in the shade of the same tree.

He moves forward when the sun is less.

Fourth Magic Event

Tej Pratap had now reached the main market of the state, it was evening, the market was starting to get bright. There were more than one item being sold all around, some toys, some dishes, some beautiful and silk clothes. An old lady was sitting nearby, in her basket there was two-handed cucumber, and four-handed seeds. Tej Pratap could not understand this riddle, he was again surprised. He had never seen a two-handed cucumber and a four-handed seed before.

Trying to understand the riddle after stopping for a while.

There was a big poster on a pillar nearby, on which was written about the strange incident happening in the city and asking for a reward by the king for proving the truth.

Tej Pratap  He had to earn his hard earned money so that he could fulfill the conditions of his marriage.

Who had to kick the wife one morning and evening.

He hastily reached the king. Quickly told the king in detail about all the four events he had seen with his own eyes.

King – How can you say this with confidence?

Tej Pratap – Yes sir! I have seen with my own eyes.

King – can you show me all that?

Tej Pratap – Yes you must go with me!

King – If you do not show up, you will be imprisoned for life.

Tejpratap – Yes sir, but once you go and see.

Tej Pratap – If I show you the truth, you will give me half the kingdom.

King – We are sure of the word.

Tej Pratap – So hurry up sir, I can show you all the events.

Will Tej Pratap be able to give proof of all the four magical events? know

The king followed Tej Pratap with his minister and some courtiers.  Tej Pratap goes to all the places one by one.

First he reaches the old lady.  Seeing the army coming from afar, the old lady gets scared and runs away from there. Tej Pratap does not see the old lady there.

The old lady sitting here was selling cucumbers and seeds, don’t know where she went.

This incident proved you wrong.

ok want to show maharaj ali incident

King – Come on!

He took everyone to the pond where the swans were washing clothes.  Hans – Hansini  Seeing the king and his army coming from so far away, tied their bundle and flew into the sky.

When Tej Pratap reached the pond with the king, there was no one there.

King – This incident also proved to be false

Tej Pratap took everyone to the river where the jackal was sailing. The jackal got scared seeing such a big army coming. Started thinking –

How am I the only one able to get past such a huge army?

Thinking he left the boat and ran away.

Tej Pratap’s statement also proved to be a lie in front of the king.

Tej Pratap, all these incidents of yours are being proved wrong.  You shouldn’t have joked with us.

No sir, I am not joking, I am telling you things I have seen with my own eyes. Just look at the next incident where the rats were playing sweet music.

All crossed the river one by one.

Tej Pratap took them all and reached under the same wall where the group of rats was frozen and the rats were dancing and singing.

But the rats also took all their belongings and hid in the bill seeing a lot of people coming from afar.

Tej Pratap could not prove all the four incidents.  So he was taken prisoner without delay, he stuck to his words, but the king did not listen to a word and announced a harsh punishment.

Search for Tej Pratap starts

Many days had passed, here Tej Pratap’s newly wed wife Ragini was getting worried. If he had gone for earning and started earning, he would have immediately returned with a desire to kick. But it seems that some unpleasant incident has happened to them.

Now must find Tej Pratap.

Ragini disguised as a handsome young man and went in search of Tej Pratap.

Searched in many states but there was no trace of Tej Pratap.

Ragini reached the same state where Tej Pratap was imprisoned.

Ragini also saw all the four events in turn and also read about the reward on the pillar, which was to be given by the king after proving the incident to be true. Ragini believed that it may not be that Tej Pratap has been taken prisoner by this king.

It is a trick of the king which no one can prove to be true.

Strategy to free Tej Pratap from prison

Ragini returned to her kingdom without delay.

Coming to her kingdom, Ragini prepared an army in which dozen cats,  two dogs  ,  Raised two eagles and a lion cub. Full training/training to both  given.

A month had passed, Ragini had so used to all of them day and night, that she could do any work as told by Ragini. When everyone got used to Ragini’s orders, Ragini took them all and left for that kingdom in the guise of a prince.

On the way someone asks him hey brother, are you going to juggle?

The prince went ahead saying that everyone is not a pet  

After completing the journey, the prince reached Sundernagar.

Awesome barricade of Ragini’s army

The prince stationed an army of cats near the rats and went ahead, asking them to play music in the same way. Next the jackal was found by deploying both the dogs near him and further forward by deploying both the eagles in the pond where the swans and swans used to wash clothes.  is.

Arriving in the city, the prince appears in the court of the king by posting the lion’s cub near the old lady.

Akkhokhi  Assuring to prove the whole incident, he urges Raja to accompany him. The king tells his conditions to the prince so that he will not listen later.

The prince came with all the preparations, he took the king with him.

The old lady, seeing the king and his minister coming from afar, tried to run away, but the lion’s child was ready with full readiness.

He didn’t let the old woman run away.

The king looked at the old lady and also saw the lion’s child standing behind and understood something. Today  The prince has come prepared, but could not back down from his word.

So he had to move on to see the next event.

Further, the prince also showed Hans-Hansin near the pond who used to wash clothes and throw them towards the sky. He used to fall back on the ground after drying and folding the cloth.

The king saw that feat with his own eyes.

The prince again took the king to the river.

There the jackal was driving the boat, the jackal made the king and his ministers take turns crossing the river.

All were across the river.

The prince proceeded by ordering both the dogs to be under his watch.

The next incident was that of a rat, seeing such a large army coming, the rats were thinking of running away. But a dozen cats were on guard, the cats also gave them a stern warning and death threats.

The condition of the rats became tight, they kept playing music.

The king also came and saw the gathering of rats.

King imprisoned

According to the condition, the entire kingdom of the king belonged to the prince. The servants of the king – Chakar, palace and soldiers too. The prince immediately ordered the soldiers to take this king captive. From today I am your king.

According to the condition, the king had lost himself and the whole kingdom. The soldiers immediately took the king captive.

Discussions of the new Maharaja had spread all over the state, all wanted to meet the new Maharaja.

The prince ordered the release of all the prisoners.

But before that he wanted to meet everyone. All the prisoners were ordered for their release, all started dancing with joy. He had given up hope of being free.

All the prisoners were prepared for release and presented one by one before the king.

Tej Pratap recognized Ragini, who was just sitting as a king in male disguise. immediately  Ordered –

“This person should be kept aside”.

This happened, Tej Pratap could not understand. All the prisoners were released, but why was I stopped? Did I make any mistake ,  Who’s getting punished?

Tej Pratap’s life was drying up, then the king ordered  –

“This person should be arranged to stay in the guest house”.

The king’s order was obeyed immediately. Tej Pratap was stopped at the guest house.

The secret of Ragini’s king form exposed

When the king got free time from his court, he reached the guest house alone to meet Tej Pratap. Seeing the king, Tej Pratap started apologizing to him. But the king had a smile on his face.

The king renounces the male disguise and comes in his true female form. Tej Pratap knew this female form because she was his wife Ragini.

Tej Pratap had a remorse in his eyes, he had married his wife on the condition of being kicked.

Today his life was saved by the same wife.

Tej Pratap  In a sense of guilt, as soon as  Wanted to hold the feet by falling,

Ragini stepped back and said –

” Don’t make me a partaker of sin, this was my wife’s religion, it is not my right to protect you, it becomes religion and if any calamity comes on you How could I bear that.”

Ragini again assumed her male form and made an announcement in the state that she would voluntarily surrender her kingdom to Tej Pratap and return to her kingdom. The same thing happened the next day Tej Pratap was coronated with full state honors by law.

The king was given the royal text of Sundernagar.

Here the prince dramatically disappeared from that kingdom.

After a few days, King Tej Pratap goes to his father’s kingdom to take his wife along with the royalty.

Ragini who was the heroine of the whole incident, moves happily to her new kingdom with Tej Pratap. It was just that Ragini and Tej Pratap started living their married life in Sundernagar.

Final words

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Today we have brought stories of Mahatma Gandhi, which you will get a lot of encouragement by reading.

We all are well acquainted with Mahatma Gandhi and we can never forget the great works and sacrifices made by him. He was a very courageous person and at the same time had the courage to raise his voice against every wrong thing. Due to these qualities, he has many followers even in today’s era who follow in his footsteps.

1. True spirit of service to the country

Gandhiji lived in the Sabarmati Ashram, it was at that time that the movement of non-cooperation had now started. The feeling of patriotism started coming in the people and they had decided to drive the British out of the country and adopt Swadeshi.

A young man came to Gandhiji and introduced himself and said –

I ! I am educated, I know English, I am a high noble, please tell me any work of my level! I have the passion to serve the country and I want to help you in the non-cooperation movement. Gandhiji patiently listened to the full introduction of that young man, but as soon as the young man had finished introducing himself, Gandhiji said that at present, arrangements have to be made to prepare food for the ashram, for this will you help me in making rice?

The young man reluctantly joined Gandhiji in the task of picking rice.

He was not feeling at all good doing this work.

He had imagined that Gandhiji would tell him the work according to his ability, but the opposite happened. It was evening time, the people living there were engaged in the cleaning system of the ashram, seeing that the young men were not feeling good at all.

The young man got up and wanted to take permission from Mahatma ji.

Okay Mahatma ji, now allow me to eat dinner a little early, so let us allow me to go home. The Mahatma placed a loving hand on the shoulder of that young man and said that you have the spirit of service to the country. This is a very good thing, it is appreciated. But the spirit of service to the country should be with a clean mind and a pure heart. In this, instead of considering yourself as superior, everyone should work in the interest of the country.

You must be understanding what I want to say.

That young man was understanding the words of Gandhiji very well.

He apologized to Gandhiji with folded hands and said, I understand your words very well.

Forgive me, I will not consider myself superior and others inferior and will serve the country with a true heart.

Appreciating that young man, Mahatma ji embraced him, it filled the eyes of that young man.

Moral –

True patriotism is not only necessary for courage and passion, but it is also necessary that he should see all the people living in the country with equal vision and adopt all the people without any distinction of high and low, otherwise his patriotism No meaning remains. If we look at a class living in our country from a low point of view, then it also threatens the integrity of the country.

2. Revolution of Khadi

Mahatma Gandhi was in the ashram of Sabarmati. There was an influx of people who met Gandhiji. In the evening when he was meeting the visitors, he met a farmer who had come from Champaran. The farmer drew Gandhiji’s attention to the atrocities in Champaran and the degradation of human values. The farmer told how the Seth moneylenders are exploiting ordinary farmers at the behest of the British. All their produce goes in the name of the British. Even no clothes on the body, no food in the house to eat.

The farmer invited Gandhi to come to Champaran.

Gandhiji’s heart trembled after hearing the condition of Champaran from the farmer’s mouth. He immediately made up his mind to go to Champaran. On reaching Champaran, Gandhiji saw the reality there with his own eyes. There were torn old fair clothes on the bodies of women. Many women did not come out of the house due to lack of clothes. The British and moneylenders had the right over the produce made by the farmers. The people there could not do anything according to their mind. He was dependent on foreign goods.

Even basic essentials like clothes.

Gandhiji inspired the British to manufacture Khadi clothes to teach them a lesson.

Addressing the people there, Gandhiji told – How can you make Khadi clothes yourself with a charkha. can be completely independent. By doing this they should give a befitting reply to the British, who continuously exploit them. The volunteers of the ashram carried forward the ideas of Gandhiji. Taught the people of Champaran to make clothes with a spinning wheel. Soon it turned into a revolution. The demand for Khadi cloth increased in the whole country. With the effect of Khadi revolution, Khadi clothes reached abroad also. Gandhiji’s heart trembled after hearing the condition of Champaran from the farmer’s mouth. He immediately made up his mind to go to Champaran. On reaching Champaran, Gandhiji saw the reality there with his own eyes. There were torn old fair clothes on the bodies of women. Many women did not come out of the house due to lack of clothes. The British and moneylenders had the right over the produce made by the farmers. The people there could not do anything according to their mind. He was dependent on foreign goods.

Even basic essentials like clothes.

Gandhiji inspired the British to manufacture Khadi clothes to teach them a lesson.

Addressing the people there, Gandhiji told – How can you make Khadi clothes yourself with a charkha. can be completely independent. By doing this they should give a befitting reply to the British, who continuously exploit them. The volunteers of the ashram carried forward the ideas of Gandhiji. Taught the people of Champaran to make clothes with a spinning wheel. Soon it turned into a revolution. The demand for Khadi cloth increased in the whole country. Due to the effect of Khadi revolution, Khadi cloth reached abroad also.

Moral –

  1. The biggest challenges can be overcome together.
  2. If you are determined to do something, then any difficult task can be done easily.
  3. Slavery is a curse on human life.

3. Gandhi’s answer

The contribution of Gandhiji in the freedom struggle is unforgettable.

The way Gandhiji contributed in the freedom struggle is still remembered in the country. Perhaps this was the reason that even today he is addressed as the Father of the Nation. The way Gandhiji initiated many types of movements for the freedom movement like Non-cooperation Movement, Quit India Movement, Salt Movement etc., which proved to be a milestone in the freedom struggle. During this movement, he had to go to jail many times. He gave his arrest without hesitation, and used to talk about joining the freedom struggle with the Indian prisoners living there, and used to run his movement even while in jail.

It is a matter of one day that Gandhiji was in jail, he received a long and wide letter, in which many questions were asked.

This letter was from Bholanath.

Bholanath had asked Gandhiji for answers to many questions.

Gandhi ji was patiently asking his colleague to write the answers to all those questions. Seeing this, his colleague could not stay and he asked Gandhiji – is it necessary to write answers to all these questions? Gandhiji humbly said that the question of Bholanath is not only of Bholanath but of every Indian. That’s why it has to be answered and if you have the tendency to answer, then there is no one greater than you. One should have the ability to answer any question and Bholanath helped me when I was in dire need of help.

When I started the movement, he was the first person who stood shoulder to shoulder with me and went to jail. Not only this, Bholanath was the first volunteer to leave his government job in the non-cooperation movement. I will be grateful to such volunteers till my death, I will never forget their support and hard work.

Mahatma Gandhi became emotional while saying this,

His eyes became moist and his throat was full, now everyone understood what Gandhiji’s thoughts were, he could do anything out of his gratitude.

moral –

  1. The question asked by someone should not be avoided but face it.
  2. Gratitude should always be kept in your heart for someone who has helped you.
  3. It is absolutely necessary to keep our heart pure before accomplishing any great objective.

4. steadfast to the word

Non-cooperation movement Gandhiji started on a large scale. The movement quickly assumed a formidable form. Funds were needed for the movement to run smoothly. Gandhiji called upon his workers to cooperate voluntarily. Workers from all over the country actively participated in this call of Gandhiji.

Sightingly, he had enough money gathered. This money was to be received from each household.

There was no prejudice of caste, religion, creed etc.

Gandhiji was sitting in his ashram, consulting his disciple about the movement.

A moneylender came to the ashram just then.

The moneylender expressed his desire to donate the amount of cooperation to Gandhiji’s movement.

This contribution amount was very big, but the moneylender’s selfishness was bigger than that.

The moneylender bowed to Gandhiji and presented a huge amount in support of his movement.

But the moneylender asked not to spend this amount on Dalits and Hindus.

The moneylender said – this money of mine should be spent in the welfare of the Muslim.

Gandhiji was bound by the promise, he immediately returned that amount to the moneylender.

Assuming his intentions wrong, he was asked to leave the ashram.

Gandhiji never accepted such an amount which was prejudiced.

This is the reason why Gandhiji kept the contribution amount transparent.

Moral –

  1. Any work should be done with full devotion.
  2. While doing the work, under any circumstances, one should avoid getting into bad company.
  3. Social welfare This meaning should be above caste, religion, religion, creed.


5. Opposing the practice of sacrificial

When Gandhiji reached Champaran, he saw a procession going towards the place of Devi. The crowd was going on dancing and singing by playing drums and drums. The goat’s compassionate voice was coming out loud from the crowd

Gandhi ji wondered how this goat’s voice is coming from the middle of the crowd?

Inquiry with the volunteers then came to know that the goat is being taken to the place of Goddess for sacrifice. Goddess is pleased by the sacrifice of this goat.

Sacrifice of goat is considered auspicious for the fulfillment of any kind of difficult task.

Gandhiji was very surprised. He had heard such things, he saw it today.

Immediately he reached the place of Goddess, grabbed the rope tied around the goat’s neck.

People knew and respected Gandhiji very much.

Everyone wondered why Gandhiji did this.

When asked, Gandhiji said that if the goddess is pleased with the sacrifice of a goat, then she will be more happy if a human is sacrificed. By sacrificing a human, all the desired works will be fulfilled.

So I should be sacrificed in place of the goat, people were surprised.

Gandhi ji explained this type of superstition and killing of animals in the form of sacrifice to the people in detail.

The people there apologized to Gandhi with folded hands and also vowed not to kill the animal.

Since then, except for a few exceptions, there has been no news of animal killing.

Moral –

  1. There can be no other sin than killing a living being.
  2. Superstition compels a person to do bad deeds.
  3. Mob and wrong company sometimes co-exist Should not give By being in contact with them, they themselves become partakers of sin.

6. A sweet punishment of Mahatma Gandhi

It is a matter of independence, when Mahatma Gandhi was living in Sabarmati Ashram.

As everyone knows Mahatma Gandhi was a true supporter of time and rule. His conduct included keeping up with the times. He used to reach before time to attend any meeting or function, Gandhiji did not want any other person to face trouble because of him.

Mahatma Gandhi was also a strong opponent of waste and wasteful spending.

Many times when the workers used to spend for show in his welcome, he used to tell them to take care of them further by telling them to waste money in vain. Mahatma Gandhi As you know he was a strong supporter of truth, non-violence and brotherhood, he presented many examples which are heard in the society even today. Many times he used to suddenly reach the crowd and make people aware of the external pomp and superstitions.

Wherever Mahatma Gandhi lived, he must have followed the time.

He had made strict rules to follow the time in Sabarmati Ashram too.

All work should be according to the time as such, arrangements were made. There was a provision to ring the bell twice during the meal, if no one was present at the dining venue even after ringing two bells, then they had to stand and wait until the queue rose. a  The day Mahatma Gandhi was busy with some important work, it was time for lunch. The first bell and then the second bell had rung, but Mahatma Gandhi could not reach the dining hall. As soon as he reached the dining area, the row had already sat down for the meal. Seeing Mahatma Gandhi coming, a worker should make arrangements for him to sit in the row, but Mahatma Gandhi stopped the worker from doing so by saying the rules are equal for all.

Mahatma Gandhi, like the others, stood on one side till the row rose.

Seeing Mahatma Gandhi standing, the workers also arranged to bring a chair, but Mahatma Gandhi did not accept the chair as a punishment. Because all the workers used to wait for their turn by standing till the row got up. He was a common man at this time and the punishment was equal for all, so he automatically served his sentence like an ordinary worker.

Seeing this all the workers got more inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

(Compilation – Nishikant ‘Hindi Department’)

7. Leaders’ difference ( Stories of Mahatma Gandhi )

Today, so much money and wealth have come to the leaders, even if they have come by doing improper work. All s live a life of fun and mislead innocent innocent people by telling the truth to be untrue and confuse their politics and stay drenched in the cold air of AC day and night. If he had visited a poor settlement today, arrangements for cleanliness would have been made there in advance. Soaps were distributed to the people for bathing, so that no one meeting Netaji would remain a fair. Air conditioner would be installed at the place of Netaji sitting up so that Netaji would not get heat and all those things would have disappeared when Netaji escaped from there.

Earlier when politics started, this type of show and pomp was not there.

There is a land-sky difference between today’s politics and old politics, earlier politics used to be based on the spirit of patriotism and social welfare, today it has been replaced by politics of filling one’s own reserves and misleading people. a  It is a matter of day that Mahatma Gandhi went to a village in Champaran, where the workers raised flags to welcome Mahatma Gandhi, instead of pylons and arranged flower garlands etc. Mahatma Gandhi could not understand anything after seeing the type of arrangement Mahatma Gandhi was observing a fast of silence on that day, so he could not talk to his workers and remained silent.

Next day when Mahatma Gandhi’s silent fast ended, he called the worker and asked for the details of the expenses incurred in such an event, he said that we collected donations to welcome you and brought flowers and other materials from the city because It was difficult to find in the village. Mahatma Gandhi was very sad and said that you people are cheating me.

What was the need to spend so much on my reception.

I am a simple person, and deserve a simple welcome. You guys made this expenditure in vain, which hurts my heart more. Hearing the words of Mahatma Gandhi, the eyes of the workers became moist and they prayed for forgiveness from Mahatma Gandhi and took a vow that this type of work would not happen again in the future. Earlier leaders used to do this type of politics, which is not possible today, you must have also experienced it around you.

(Compilation – Nishikant ‘Hindi Department’)

8. Gandhi’s Conservative Policy ( Stories of Mahatma Gandhi )

The independence movement was in full swing, which made the British nervous. The policy of the British has always been ‘divide and rule’. The British have started many efforts to divide Hindus and Muslims. Mahatma Gandhi had understood the tricks of the British, he knew that without Hindu-Muslim freedom cannot be achieved. Gandhiji started trying to connect Hindus and Muslims by forgetting small differences. He organized many meetings of all religions.

Kirtan hymn in the mosque and started the recitation of Quran in the temple.

The people of India fully supported Gandhiji in this activity.

Where the saints of Hinduism got a place in the mosques, the clerics and the scholars of Islam got refuge in the temple too. The British were stunned by Gandhi’s efforts, his efforts seemed to be unsuccessful. He realized that in this way he would not be able to separate Hindu-Muslim. To sabotage this effort, he made many allegations against Gandhiji. Gandhiji was also accused of spoiling the religious atmosphere by doing it to religious people.

But Mahatma Gandhi did not get distracted by this, he continued his efforts.

Soon Hindu Muslims came together and forced the British to return from India.

Final words

Hope you have liked all these stories written on Mahatma Gandhi.

And you must have been inspired by all these stories. If you have any idea then you can write freely in the comment box below. At the same time, you can also tell us what kind of stories you want next and on which great man.

There was a lockup in India due to Corona virus, due to which people had to spend the day at home. What kind of stories happen in everyone’s house. We have written more stories on this topic below. You enjoyed reading it. There are also instructive stories that everyone should read. You can also share this story among yourself.

So let’s start studying the stories

1. Battle with Corona

Ramesh had returned from Italy with his parents. When the doctor examined, it came to know that all have been hit by the corona virus. To avoid this, they have to stay in separate rooms.

The same thing happened, all three had to be quarantined in different rooms. That too away from the society.

Ramesh was still a child.

He was not feeling alone.

Ramesh’s friends figured out a trick –

All the friends would talk and play games with Ramesh through online videos from their respective homes at one time. Ramesh also used to be involved in this game. At times, Ramesh also played the role of an inspector.

He would examine the paintings and poems written by his friends and give them numbers.

Suddenly a day came that when he defeated the epidemic like Corona and all got well. Ramesh thanks his friends.

But still those people are waiting for the end of the epidemic by staying in their homes.

Conclusion –

No matter how big the disease is, one should not be afraid of it, one should fight fearlessly. In the end, victory belongs to the one who fights.

If friends and relatives are together, then the courage increases a hundred fold.

2. Najma made a mask

Najma is just eight years old. She studies in fifth grade. The school has been closed for a long time due to the corona pandemic. She used to watch on television everyday while people were upset. It was learned from Abbu that this disease enters the body through mouth and breath. To prevent this, the government has advised to wear masks and wash hands.

Dear children, Prime Minister Modi ji has asked to prepare masks at home.

Najma made masks for her family with the help of her mother.

This mask was beautiful, people around also started praising it.

What was just……….

Najma was inspired to make masks. Sitting at home, Najma made a lot of masks and gave them to the needy people for free. People applauded Najma for giving her the mask, and blessed her a lot. Najma’s happiness knew no bounds.

Najma started the work of making a lot of masks.

Now she distributes masks in large quantities to the cleaning warriors and to the poor people in the morning and evening.

Conclusion – Helping the needy increases the happiness four fold. You should do the same thing.

3. Have a wonderful birthday

To avoid the corona virus, the government has put a lockdown across the country. Dimpy’s birthday was the next day, but all the shops were closed. Friends were also not coming out of their house.

Dimpy felt that this time her birthday would go in vain.

This time even sweets and cakes will not be available to eat.

Dimpy was getting sad thinking this,

The next day was his birthday. Papa – Mummy too was getting disappointed seeing Dimpy sad. Both are determined to remove Dimpy’s sadness. The next day mom prepared a beautiful cake using biscuits and milk.

Papa decided to make hot jalebi for his beloved daughter.

Soon a lot of jalebis were made.

What was it?

Dimpy made a beautiful colorful birthday cap from an old copy.

Invite your friends via video call.

All the friends had joined online now, then Dimpy cut the cake and all the friends sang the song Happy Birthday to You together.

Dimpy who was sad till yesterday, there was no end to her happiness today.

He had never celebrated such a birthday before today. She was very happy to celebrate today’s birthday. The parents were also very happy seeing Dimpy’s happiness.

4. Tasty Breakfast

At the time of Lok Down, everyone was getting bored sitting in the house. The school was closed, studies and writing were being done lightly in the house. There was no other work than watching TV all day and then listening to songs.

All the brothers and sisters together decided –

Today we will make breakfast together at home and will surprise everyone.

Thinking so, Meena immediately took out the recipe of making breakfast from the internet.

Ritesh and Satyam immediately started the work.

Meena supports them.

The three brothers and sisters together prepared delicious pakodas and chutneys in half an hour.

When brother and sister together fed dumplings and chutney to the whole family.

Everyone liked dumplings and chutney so much that dumplings were over immediately.

What was it now people wanted more pakoris.

Mom went to the kitchen and came back in no time with a lot of pakodis and a cup of tea.

Today was really nice.

The brothers and sisters worked together, they were getting a lot of praise.

He had never done such a thing before today.

5. Take the increased work

Everyone gets rest in the holiday. Playing – jumping, eating and drinking and rest.

Due to the lockdown due to Corona virus, the work of mother-sister and other women sitting in the house increased more than before.

The household of women increased further due to children and other members sitting at home due to leave.

From morning till evening, all the time was spent in the kitchen of the house.

Earlier, when children used to go to school, other members of the household used to leave for office or their work.

Then the women of the house used to take rest for some time.

She used to talk on television, serials and sometime with her friends or even in her maternal home.

Now he can’t be.

Day and night, the bus started going out in the service of the family.

Just as other members of the house need rest, similarly the women of the house should also get some rest.

Therefore, one should also contribute in the work of cleanliness and kitchen.

Children should also be taught this type of work.

So that in future he can become self-reliant, his character can develop.

6. Got bored sitting sitting

Never before had there been so much boredom. Boredom and the importance of time were felt like never before now. As soon as the government imposed the rule of staying at home. Took a few days, this time will pass by laughing and playing.

2 days passed

4 days passed

But slowly now this time began to feel burdensome.

Somehow, time was spent by watching movies, watching television and painting. But how much time can you spend?

Sometimes he used to play Ludo, Chess also but he does not spend as much time as he should.

Gradually, the time table was also prepared in front.

Waking up in the morning, breakfast – doing some time doing yoga by doing water, newspaper, news paper, watching and reading news. Talking to friends, studying some books. Doing cleaning in the house, watching some work in the kitchen, while doing this, gradually started cutting.

Talked to some friends, they were not able to engage themselves in household chores.

So he got bored sitting. The saying of such people does not even accept an unworthy stomach, it started expanding its scope. Now they can be called Tondu.

Really getting bored sitting down now.

7. Rabbit went crazy

It becomes difficult to spend time sitting at home, at a time when one has to stay indoors for a long time. Children’s schools were closed, elders’ offices were closed, everyone was closed inside the house.

It was Anant’s birthday, father brought a rabbit home, keeping Anant’s happiness in mind. Anant liked the rabbit so much that he used to play with it all day long.

He used to feed food and even went out and brought green grass by cutting it.

Seeing all this, the younger brother Vinayak also got hold of his insistence. Now he also wanted a rabbit.

Father also brought a rabbit for Vinayak.

Now what was there in the house there were two rabbits. Both took care of their respective rabbits throughout the day.

If you are hungry, you feed food, even if you do not feel you feed.

He kept himself awake throughout the day and did not even let the rabbit sleep.

While doing this, the rabbit got upset with the love of both the brothers.

What did the two rabbits talk about among themselves?

From the next day onwards, the new exploits of both of them started.

When both the brothers got up and came to the rabbit, they would throw them out.

He would have brought green grass for them.

Rabbits quickly take grass according to their plan, sometimes under the sofa, and sometimes under the bed.

Throughout the day the brothers would look for them to catch. He became so upset that he stopped bothering the rabbit.

In the end, after getting tired, Anant and Vinayak said that the rabbits have gone mad, they do not stay in their house and stay hidden for the whole day.

8. coronavirus is back in the old days

Shanti Sadan In Mohan And Sunanda Both were living alone for a long time. his two sons Excellent And Beautiful Were. a daughter named shyama Was . Everyone got married.

Uttam works in a laboratory in Canada. Sundar is on the post of manager in a private company. Shyama lives at her in-laws’ house. Everyone is busy in their personal life. Talk to each other but through phone and computer.

Mohan and Sunanda got married on 17 March 2020 45th anniversary Was. Uttam, Sundar and Shyama together surprise their Mama and Papa. Also planned to celebrate the anniversary together.

All started attending Shanti Sadan one by one on March 16 as per the plan.

A car stopped outside Shanti Sadan. Uttam got down from that car with his wife and two children. The blurry eyes of Mohan and Sunanda recognized Uttam. Both of them came and stood outside the door running. In the race for the first hug, Mohan’s slippers were left behind and Sunanda won.

Was just about to meet Uttam,

A car came and parked at the door. Sundar and his wife along with a daughter got down from this car. Mohan and Sunanda’s eyes filled with tears. The sons for whom these eyes yearned, today both those sons were in front of their eyes.

One by one everyone started lifting things.

A car horn and rang, everyone put the bag back on the ground.

This car seemed to belong to Shyama’s husband.

In fact Shyama her husband and a little angel in that car. A naughty Gopal got down saying Nana-Nani. There was really happiness in Shanti Sadan today.

Everyone started meeting happily.

Yesterday was a special day, everyone got ready for it.

The crisis of the Corona epidemic was over the whole world. To avoid its dangers, the government announced a nationwide lockdown, staying at home. All vehicular movement was banned. Market roads were all closed.

The problem of going back to their respective homes now arose in front of everyone.

Uttam, Sundar and Shyama all sat in one place. Started remembering the old things – ‘How we used to fight in childhood, how we used to live a happy life at home. Today all that is not available in the household. ‘

After a long time this decision was taken – now we will re-live those old times at the time of Lok Down. You will also include your children in this. All the little brothers and sisters will also get along well. Don’t know when you will get time again!

What was it, all the people of the house were involved in this decision. There was happiness in Shanti Sadan. The hearts of Mohan and Sunanda, who had been deserted for years, were also lit up.

9. Pakoras made

lock down It was time Everyone was spending their day staying at home. The children were on leave. Offices, markets, shops were all closed.

Simmi, Jiten Both are brother and sister. Simmi studies in class V, Jiten in class III.

Was given leave from school due to lock down. Almost twenty days have passed since the lock down. Everyone was getting bored at home.

Once upon a time, everyone was sleeping. Then Simmi and Jiten together made a program.

This program was to surprise everyone.

Simmi lived more with her mother. She remembered very well the recipe of pakoras made by her mother.

Simmi immediately mixed the gram flour.

Jiten places a pan on the stove and heats the oil.

Simmi along with her brother prepared the pakoras in a hurry.

Jiten prepared the plate with tomato chutney kept in the fridge.

The table was decorated to surprise everyone.

Everyone was very happy to see the pakoras

Today there was happiness on their faces, which had disappeared due to the lockdown.

Somesh had completed his college studies this year. There was a very pleasant atmosphere between him and his friends. Everyone was thinking that let’s go somewhere.

Somesh and his 10 friends made a plan that all of them would go for a picturesque walk in the mountains. Everyone gathered together with their bags. He also arranged for a car of his own so that it could be reached there easily.

In the evening all the people started their journey and on the second day in the morning they all reached the hilly area.

Everyone had just started walking that Somash said to his friends, “Look at that! So many people have gathered under that mountain, let’s see what is special there.”

Somesh and all his friends reached the bottom of that mountain. He saw that thousands of people had gathered there. Somesh asked around that what are such a large number of people doing here.

On enquiry, it came to know that all the people had gathered to climb that mountain. This is a very famous mountain. While climbing on it, very beautiful and picturesque views of nature are seen. And the biggest thing is that after reaching its peak, the world’s largest Looks beautiful picture and gets the best experience.

On knowing this, Somesh and all his friends made up their mind to climb the mountain and they along with all the crowd went on a journey on the mountain which gives beautiful views as well as good experiences.

Walked away with all the crowd keeping the experience in mind for the most beautiful picture of the peak. After going some distance, Somesh realized that some people had fallen short of such a large crowd.

He was thinking that his attention was drawn to a very beautiful waterfall. He was so beautiful that Somesh kept looking at him forgetting everything. After seeing that waterfall, he again started climbing the mountain with friends.

After reaching some distance, he again realized that now less people are walking with us than before. Then two of his friends also said that problems have started increasing, now we cannot climb up. This is where we stop, you all are on the top of the mountain.

Now Somesh along with his eight friends started moving forward looking at the beautiful scenery. He felt that the further he was going up the mountain, the more the crowd was getting smaller. In between, his friends were also leaving his side.

But Somesh did not give up and kept going. There was only one thing in his mind that I have to see that most beautiful picture of the top of this mountain and feel the experience that comes from it.

He went on climbing the mountain. A crowd of people and his friends left him. The peak was now only a short distance away. Very few people and only two of his friends were with him.

Somesh’s mind also started to return from there. When he looked down, the ground was very low and if he looked up, the peak was only a short distance away. Seeing this, energy got inside him and he started climbing up again.

After some time he finally reached the top of that mountain and saw the scene which was the most beautiful picture in the world. On reaching the summit, he realized an experience that very few people are able to feel.

He saw that only two of his friends and a few people were able to relive that experience with him. He felt that he was one of the luckiest human beings in the world. He was feeling the victory.

He sat there and started thinking about his journey, how thousands of people started this journey with me. As the height increased, the number of people also decreased and only a few people could reach the floor.

Thinking so much, he realized that today he has understood the secret of success. He understood how to get victory in life.

After all, what was the experience of Somesh understanding the secret of success?

Friends, now I will tell you the experience of Somesh, which I also experienced once. Thousands of people went along with Somesh but only a few people could get the goal. Only a few people got the experience of success.

The crowd of thousands gathered at the bottom of the mountain tells that everyone wants to experience success. Everyone wants that they get the biggest success in the world.

Keeping this thing in mind, people start the journey to achieve that goal in their life. But as the difficulties increase, people start giving up on their goal and start doing something else.

Reaching your goal is like climbing a mountain. The more the height increases, the more difficulties increase. Most of the people give up because they focus their attention on difficulties and hold back because of fear.

But there are few people who focus on the pleasant feeling of reaching the goal and move on. Somesh is one of these few people.

It is also necessary to understand here that all people are present on the surface of success, but as the height of success increases, people become less and similarly only a few people are on the top of success. able to reach.

So friends, take care if you also want to reach the top of success by climbing the steps of success, then focus your mind only on getting the “feeling after reaching the top of success”, and not the troubles on the way. Feather.

Because for those who think about the difficulties on the way, they never reach the goal and for those who focus on the desire to have a pleasant experience after reaching the goal, for them all the troubles on the way seem very small. And he even crosses them very quickly.

When Rohan came to his house from college yesterday, he saw the tree outside his house which had been near his house for a long time. Growing up outside.

He saw that now the branches of that tree have reached the door of his house, due to which it is difficult to go inside the house. Rohan plucked some leaves of the twigs that reached the door. But within a week, new leaves grew there again.

Rohan thought that why not break only the branch of this tree which is coming at the door. He broke that branch of the tree and started coming through his door comfortably. He thought that now this problem is over, but what is it?

Within a few days a new branch has grown again on that tree which was bigger and greener than before. Then Rohan’s eyes went to the wall near the door.

Rohan said, “Oh! What is this! Some branches of the tree are spreading on the wall.”

He thought that this problem is increasing even more, today only these branches of this tree will have to be broken.

Now Rohan plucked the branches growing on the wall and the door and thought that now this problem is over, but within a month, some branches on the wall and door have grown again and this problem is same as before.

Now Rohan got worried. On the same day, his Guruji came to meet him at Rohan’s house. Guru ji saw that Rohan was feeling upset, so he asked Rohan the reason for being upset.

Rohan immediately put his problem in front of Guruji and said, “Guruji, now you yourself tell me a solution to this problem.”

Guru ji went near the door and the wall, saw that tree and smiled and said, “You are not able to solve such a small problem, come inside the house, I will explain to you.”

He went inside the house and sat in a room. Rohan turned on the room fan for them. Guru ji looked at Rohan and said, “Do this, show this fan by turning it off without switching it off.”

Rohan went to the chowk and said, “Guru ji, how can this fan be switched off without switching off? That’s not possible.”

Guru ji said that if you try, it will stop. Rohan made many attempts but did not succeed. Now he tried to stop the fan by putting a rope, the fan stopped by putting the rope, but after removing the rope, it started running again due to the current.

Rohan said, “Guruji, the fan cannot be turned off without switching off.”

Guruji smiled and said, “That’s what I want to explain to you. Just as a fan cannot be stopped without any effort without switching it off, similarly the tree cannot be stopped from growing without cutting the root.

Rohan’s eyes lit up. He immediately went outside the house with an ax and cut the root of the tree with that ax. Now Rohan’s problem has come to an end forever.

What did you learn from this story?

Friends! This story tells us that if If you want to remove any problem forever, then it has to be eliminated from the root, otherwise the problem will not go away. As soon as the root is cut, the problem goes away immediately and forever.

Rohan knew that a tree was growing outside his house for a long time but he did not pay attention until one of its branches came on the door and started disturbing him.

likewise Most of the problems come in our life which grow slowly but we do not pay attention to them. And pay attention when those problems start bothering us. It is better not to wait for the problem to escalate and end it as soon as it starts.

Imagine what would have happened if Rohan cut that tree when he was young?

Rohan would break the branch of the tree and think that the problem was over but after some time she grew up again and started troubling Rohan. This time the twigs started growing on the wall along with the door.

likewise Many problems come in our life, which if removed from the surface, then after giving some rest, that problem arises again and starts bothering us. And maybe next time that problem will come with an even more frightening form.

The solution is that if a problem arises, its root should be found and after identifying the root, it should be cut immediately. Thus the problem goes away forever.

The Jataka story is related to Lord Buddha, the things said by him and the experience have been presented through the Jataka story. It is believed that all these Jataka stories are based on the life events of Lord Buddha.

There is no concrete evidence of the number of Jataka stories in Indian literature so far. The person who reads the Jataka story, understands and takes education from it, he behaves appropriately in life. Tries to make his life successful, he starts experiencing right and wrong etc., due to which he chooses the path of his welfare.

In this article, you will study different types of Jataka stories and try to make your life successful, prosperous and happy, with the belief that this article is presented.

Jataka Katha Stories

The existence of the Jataka story has been in Indian literature for thousands of years, which were used in earlier times to teach and guide the society. In earlier times the Jataka story was spoken and narrated orally. When the congregation of people used to sit in the evening, then Jataka tales etc. were told and heard.

We can feel the subject of how intellectually developed the society of earlier times was. At that time school education was not in vogue as it is at present. The society of that time used to follow the proper path given by the Guru and the Mahatmas. Kahani, Jataka used to get his higher knowledge from Katha, Janshruti etc., which used to give a direction to his life and show the right path.

1. Lost life in excessive enthusiasm (Jataka story)

Seth Dhanapal of Vishwas Nagar was very charitable and of high thinking. He always thought about the society, no petitioner returned empty handed from his door.

He considered doing charity as his paramount religion.

Seth’s fame was also in distant states.

There would hardly be a bigger trader than Seth, whenever he went out for business, there used to be 25-30 bullock carts in his convoy. After traveling for many days, he used to go to distant countries and state business and while returning he would bring the necessities of the people of the village. Due to which people could easily get the things of their need. The people there were very happy with this behavior of Seth and respected Seth as a Mahatma.

Once upon a time, Seth was going for business to distant kingdoms.

35 bullock carts loaded with trade items were ready, Seth thought why not this time people should be made pilgrimage along with business. Seth put his mind to the people of the village, people found the words of Seth Dhanpal very beneficial.

Two teams were prepared for the pilgrimage, one young team, the other old team.

According to the time, Seth took his convoy and went out for business.

One day’s journey was very pleasant, all the people laughing and singing together kept moving forward with joy. The next day the old group was cutting its way chanting hymns, the same young group was singing songs and shouting loudly.

On this the old group lodged an objection to Seth Dhanpal.

Seth also thought and called Virendra, the head of the youth group, to him and explained with love. There is an elderly group with us, who are out for pilgrimage, who do not like your shouting and singing in a loud voice.

If the sound is done a little slowly, then no one will have any problem.

Virendra was of a fierce nature, he said to Seth Dhanpal in an overbearing voice – Look, Seth, we do not eat anyone’s lamp, we do our mind. We are young, they are old, so we cannot follow them and anyway we are taking bullock carts slowly due to which we are getting very bored. We are tired of walking slowly due to all of you, now we will not walk like this. If you have trouble with us, then we are moving ahead at a fast pace, meet you guys ahead. Saying this, Virendra along with his companions went ahead leaving behind Seth Dhanpal and the old group at a high speed.

Seth Dhanpal started moving slowly along with the old group, a desert came on the way.

The ox seemed unable to pull the cart,

The sun was very hot, it was getting worse with the heat.

Before entering the desert, Seth had filled cold water in large pots on bullock carts.

This water continued to save lives for them on the way.

Everyone’s condition was bad due to the heat, even the bulls were not pulling the cart properly. His tongue was hanging out. As soon as half the road was cut, then suddenly Seth saw a convoy of deserters and people coming – Seth alerted his team, they all should be alert, there may be a robber. Wearing a black blanket on the body, hair dry – dry, redness in the eyes, long long mustaches look like terrible robbers.

He came near and said, brother, the bullock cart is filled with so much water, due to which your bullocks are not able to pull the load, reduce the amount of water, then the bulls will also be able to walk quickly due to their low weight and you will be able to move through the desert. Will be able to leave soon. You guys don’t behave foolishly, there is a creature in the bull too. After preaching for a long time, the desert party returned. After his return, Seth got into some confusion, his companions also started saying that the people of the desert have said the right thing.

If there is less out in the bullock cart, then the bulls will complete the way easily and quickly.

But Seth used to have old experience, he told people that these people may be robbers!

If we throw away the water, we will not get drinking water on the way.

Due to lack of water, our power will become weak and they will take advantage of our weakness and take away all the goods.

So it is better not to pay attention to their words.

Everyone obeyed Seth’s words and proceeded on the way.

As the desert ended, a cool cold wind was blowing,

In front was a sweet fresh water well,

On which all the people washed their hands and got tired of the road.

At a distance, people saw the dead bodies of some youths.

After going near it came to know that it was his young companions, who had separated from us and came ahead. Due to lack of experience of the way, he fell in the trap of the desert people and lost his life. Among those young boys were sons of some other elders, and some relatives. The faces of all the people laughing and playing turned into sadness.

Moral of this Jataka story

Do not ignore the words of your elders, their suggestions, guidance etc. in excessive enthusiasm. There is experience in their words and thoughts. He always tries to show welfare and the right path. The youth team, not listening to the words of their elders, now worked on their own mind.

The result of which came in the form of his death.

2. Respect for the woman

After becoming a sannyasi, Gautam Buddha was traveling to spread education and knowledge to the masses. He reached a village, there was a hut outside the village where he saw a woman cleaning the house. Looking at the Mahatma, the woman asked, “You look like a prince with your body, but you are wearing this sannyasi chola?” Mahatma Buddha replied – ‘I want to know the real truth of life, want to assimilate, this body is mortal.

Today my body is young, attractive, tomorrow I will be sick, old and it will end.

I want to know the reason for the end of this body!

In search of which I keep wandering here and there!

After a long time, the woman invited the Mahatma to her home for a meal.

This created a stir in the whole village. Everyone knew that Mahatma Budh had come out of the village and his food was going to be in the house of a woman who was characterless.

It is indecent for a monk to have food at such a woman’s house.

Soon a gathering of people started outside the hut.

The head of the village told Mahatma Buddha – ‘You go to the village and accept our hospitality! It would not be appropriate to eat your food at this woman’s house, because she is characterless and her character is not compatible with the society.

Mahatma Buddha was patiently listening to the villagers and the chief.

After the chief’s talk was over, Mahatma Buddha took hold of one of his hands and said, clap. The chief expressed his inability to clap with one hand. Mahatma Buddha released her hand and said that just as two hands are needed to clap, similarly some man must have a part in this woman’s characterlessness. So is it indecent to blame only women?

If this woman is characterless then the people of your village are also characterless.

Today the society is male dominated due to which there is more interference of men on women. No matter how many things men do wrong, slander belongs to women only. This is not a good thing for a civilized society.

The people standing there had come to know about the Mahatma.

Due to this teaching of the Mahatma, today a woman caste had got the respect that she deserved.

learning from story

  • The wise man should always be respected.
  • Education can be found anywhere, anytime, it should be received consciously.
  • Instead of suppressing the interests of women, respecting them should be encouraged.


Through these Jataka stories, we get the education that we should not ignore the words of our elders in extreme enthusiasm, their suggestions, guidance etc. We can move forward in life.

Hope you liked these Jataka stories.

You can write your thoughts in the comment box below. Can you tell us how the stories came about?

An inspirational story that teaches you how to face the challenge

It was a long time ago… a village there lived a boy named Shyam. He was a potter by profession.The discussion of pottery made by him was all around. People used to come from far and wide to see his art.

As much as Shyam used to make beautiful utensils, in the same way his thinking was towards others.… When he used to come to him, he used to go with his solution.

There was no one even far and wide as expert in sports as him. The speed and agility with which he used to run,… as if a cheetah was running.… No one could stand in front of him. Everyone was in love with him.

At a very young age, he became famous in his village as well as in other villages.

Once a terrible calamity struck his village.… A lion used to come to his village at night and take away the domesticated animals.….The villagers were very frightened.…As it was night time there was silence all around. Used to spread.… Do you know when the lion would come and attack.

The villagers were so scared that they were afraid to do farming during the day.…don’t know when they might be attacked by a lion.

The lion had now become a man-eater, he started hunting the village animals as well as humans. He had made many people in the village his food.

The villagers tried a lot to catch the lion but none of the methods worked.….When Shyam came to know about this, he talked about catching the lion in the gram sabha…..

But the village head said, “We tried a lot, but no success was achieved… that lion is a lion, it is not such an easy task to catch him… Suppose you are very fearless, intelligent, but that does not mean that You’ll catch him.”

Shyam started smiling after listening to the chief… to which the chief said, “Why are you smiling so much…. We are all so serious about this problem and you are laughing, what is the reason for this laughter? Tell! Otherwise get ready to face the punishment.”

Shyam said, “No chief! Excuse me! I was not laughing at your words.….I was smiling thinking that the day I would catch that lion and seeing the happiness on the faces of the villagers at that time, I would also have a smile on my face…. That’s why I was smiling.”

The chief said, “Do you have any idea to catch that dreaded man-eating lion?”

Shyam said, “There are many tricks, but I am thinking which one to try.”

The chief said, “Whatever you do, hurry up, we don’t have time…don’t know when that lion will do it. But I have one condition that if you do not succeed then you will have to leave this village.”

Shyam accepted the condition of the chief. Now Shyam came up with three tricks. In which there were two easy tricks and one difficult trick. He thought that first try some easy tricks, if successful then fine, otherwise you will have to adopt difficult tricks.

The first trick – a cage was made and a piece of meat was put in it … so that the lion would come and get imprisoned in the cage. But the lion was so clever that he did not eat the meat but took away a pet animal.

Now thought of adopting the second method.

Second trick- A big net was made and some animals were kept so that if the lion comes and attacks these animals, then they get trapped in the net. But the lion came at such a speed that even before closing the net, he picked up an animal. This remedy also did not work for him.

Now Shyam had the third and last trick which was difficult.If it does not work this time, then the whole village will laugh at him.….But it is said that God also supports him who is devoted to his work with a true heart.….

Shyam was very dedicated towards his work. He dug a big pit and it was so deep that once the lion fell into it, he could not come out.

Shyam, who could run like a cheetah, made a skin like that of a deer and wrapped it and waited for the lion when the dreaded lion would come and make him his prey. It will be fun.…..

Shyam, who was waiting for his hunting lion by wearing the skin of a deer, now the hour of waiting was near. The moonlight was night and both lion and shyam were ready to hunt each other.

It was a very strange sight for the villagers, it was very interesting to see who would prevail over whom and who would win.

This was the last trick for Shyam.… There was danger to his life but if he did not succeed in his aim, the villagers would lose their faith in him. And he will have to leave the village forever. The head of the village had put this condition.

As soon as the lion saw the deer (Shym wearing a hide) and ran towards him, that deer started running fast towards that well-shaped pit…

Now the deer started running even faster…..the deer forward the lion behind…and as soon as the lion took a long jump to catch the deer, the deer also jumped and crossed the big pit and before the lion could understand anything, it was like a well. Fell in the pit…..from which he will never be able to get out.

The villagers shouted, Yes! Be! Be! Shyam’s last trick worked.…we caught the lion……this time the lion’s cunning didn’t work.

Villagers are now more convinced than ever of Shyam’s bravery, honesty, love for villagers and conscientiousness towards his work.

He praised Shyam’s smart trick and the headman proposed to the villagers that from now on the head of our village would be Shyam, on which the villagers started chanting Shyam.

On this Shyam said that it becomes his duty to help his loved ones in trouble and solve the problem.

What did we learn from this inspiring Hindi story?

we get a lesson that no matter how big the problem is, if it is solved with the right effective method and understanding, then you can face every challenge firmly.

This Hindi Kahani tells us that when a challenge comes, it is cowardice to run away from it. A real and successful person is the one who tackles the problem with a proper plan and keeps on trying till the problem is solved.

This Hindi Kahani gives us the message that if you stand up your chest to face the challenge, then the way comes out on its own.

That is to say..Where there is a will there is a way (WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY). That’s why never run away from a challenge… accept it, face it and do it till the solution is found.

I hope you liked this inspirational Hindi story of mine.

A great story that teaches you to face the change in life

Changes happen continuously in the world because change is the law of nature. (Change is the Law of Nature). Those who follow this rule, they face the changes happening in the world with their chest and change themselves according to this rule.

But there are many people who do not want any change to happen, but when the change happens, they are unable to change themselves accordingly and are left far behind or too low. Sometimes, because of not changing with change, some people even have to lose everything.

Come on! About this I will tell you a short story with a moral-

There are four characters in this story, two mice named Sniff and Scurry and two people named Hem and Haw. By working very hard in these four, he had collected a lot of “things” around him. He loved his stuff.

Here cheese means all those things which we want to get in our life. Be it a good job, health, money or your favorite things.

All four had started enjoying their thing. But Sniff and Scurry were very clever. Along with enjoying the cheese, he used to analyze the thing he had every day and keep finding out what is the quality of the thing now and how much thing is left with him now.

While Hem and Haw continued to enjoy their cheeses. He never even noticed that his thing was decreasing.

One day when Sniff and Scurry saw that they had run out of everything, they didn’t get upset but without wasting time immediately went on a hunt for something new.

Here Hem and Haw when they came to know that their thing was now over, they were very upset and started searching for their thing again and again, started blaming others and started saying where did our thing go, who took it.

He used to search for his thing every day but he could not find it. One day Haw told Heim that Sniff and Scurry didn’t know where they were, perhaps going in search of a new “thing”. We should also go through the maze that surrounds us in search of new things.

Here the maze means this “world” where we do not know when we will get what when our efforts are completed.

Hem started getting scared at the very name of going to the maze and started saying that no! My thing will come one day, I have nowhere to go.

But Ha started laughing at himself and said that we have been trying for so many days, now nothing is going to come here, now we have to go to the maze to find it ourselves.

Haw asked Hem a lot to accompany him but he did not agree. Then Ho himself got ready and went into the maze in search of things.

In the labyrinth, Haw was very afraid, but he had no other way but to be afraid and move on. He had become very weak. In his search for a very big thing, he used to find small pieces of cheese on the way, which he used to eat and make a living.

With fear, he was going ahead. On the way, he felt that a huge pile of cheese was about to come, but when he went near, he saw two or four small pieces lying there. Maybe someone had come earlier and took away the pile of that thing.

Ha thought why not choose a new path because success is not being achieved in this path. He started walking on a new path in the maze. As soon as he started on the new path, he started feeling very good. He felt that his fear had run away.

When we choose a new path and our path is right, then our fear goes away. Yes, it was starting to feel great now.

He had a constant memory of his friend Hem. He was going ahead in search of the thing and if Hem went from there and wanted to reach it, for this Haw had marked the walls in the middle of the path so that Hem would not have any problem in reaching it.

Now Haw began to fantasize. He was walking along the path in the maze and imagining a huge pile of things. By imagining this way, he was getting the energy to move forward.

Suddenly his eyes fell on a very big place where he saw something like a mountain. He moved forward running very fast. His speed had increased manifold.

As soon as he reached near that mountain, his eyes were wide open. It was not a mountain but a huge pile of things. A bigger “thing” than he expected.

He was very happy and started shouting loudly. Then he also saw Sniff and Scurry there. He was very happy to see Ha.

But with happiness, he looked back again and again and again. He was waiting for his friend Hem. He wondered if Hem would have moved on from his place?

Would he have entered the maze?

Would he have accepted the change and moved on to victory?

Then he heard a sound, he realized that perhaps his friend had arrived there.

What did you learn from this story?

Best Moral of Story Based on Book “Who Moved My Cheese?”

1- First of all, change happens all the time in this world. Changes come with the passage of time in every area of ​​your life. If you want to be successful then always be ready for this change.

2- Sniff and Scurry were very understanding. He was also enjoying his thing but was also cautious and used to analyze his thing everyday and find out how much thing is getting less. You too should be like these two. You should also keep on analyzing the things that give happiness to you like job, money, every favorite thing from time to time.

3- When we analyze our thing that we get an idea of ​​when and how much change can happen in which thing and we can be ready for it. And when there is change, you can discover new things immediately. If we don’t do this, the same condition happens as Hem and Haw.

4- If you do not analyze your thing and if there is a sudden change, then accept that change as soon as possible and before the very bad situation happens, start in search of new things as it seemed. If you stay like Hem, then things will go on getting worse. The sooner you give up the old thing, the sooner you will find something new.

5- You are very happy when you have your thing but change is the law of nature. It may be that if your thing becomes useless or gets exhausted, then you should always be ready for change. If you don’t change yourself with change you will destroy yourself.

Friends, this story Dr. Spencer Johnson (Spencer Johnson) Best Selling Book “Who Removed My Cheese?” (Who Moved My Cheese?)

This book (Mera Cheese Kisne Hataya Summary) is based on this inspirational story (Who moved my cheese?). There are two chapters in this book, the first one is this story and the second one talks about some friends who are told what they learn from this story.

Friends, this book is so good that the more times you read it, the more often you will get to learn new things.

According to me, if you want success, are alert about the changes in your work and life and always want to move forward by embracing change by being happy, then this book ( Who moved my cheese?) and keep it with you and read it from time to time.

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So this was a motivational story, hope you must have liked it and if you want more stories related to this, then you can yes the notification of this website so that you will continue to get time to time updates.

Swami Vivekananda is one of the finest men ever born in India. He is admired by all. Today we will read best Swami Vivekananda stories  with moral values ​​written.

Youth full of inspiration, curiosity, determination power etc. Respected Swami Vivekananda Some important stories of the life time of K.K. are presented through this article.

Some stories are based on the events of his life, while some are based on public opinion.

This article is going to introduce the knowledge, personality and character of Swami Vivekananda and his sharp intelligence. The youth always consider Swamiji as their source of inspiration. Taking personal inspiration from this story, you can bring important changes in your life.

Swamiji is always revered as a power house.

His will power and curiosity and search instinct still inspire human beings. He had a firm belief that it is useless to rest until you achieve your task.

1. Education to Social Service

Once upon a time Swami Vivekananda He was reciting the Vedas in his ashram, when four Brahmins came to him, he was very distraught. It seemed that he was trying hard to find a solution to a question.

The four Brahmins bowed down to Swamiji and said – Swamiji! We are in big dilemma, want to know from you the solution of your problem. Satisfy our curiosity.

Swamiji assured and wanted to know

What a curiosity What’s your question?
The Brahmin said, Mahatma, all four of us have received the education of Vedas and Vedanta. We all want to see the society happy, prosperous and prosperous with our knowledge by roaming in different directions in the society.

Guide us in this!

A slight smile came on Swamiji’s face and he said to the Brahmin gods –

It’s a brahmin! All of you can achieve all these goals, for this you have to spread the promotion of education in the society together.

How can our goal be achieved by Brahmin deity education?
Swamiji, just as the garden is made beautiful by planting saplings in the garden, in the same way the upliftment of society is possible through education.

Education creates understanding in a person, makes them rich for life. Education helps to be endowed with resources, education shows the way to remove all lack. On attaining all this, the person himself becomes prosperous.

The Brahmin deity had now understood the idea of ​​Swami Vivekananda very well.

Now they together vowed that they Education This will be their social service.

French Scholar

It is a matter of those days when Swami Vivekananda ji America Of Chicago Went to give his historic speech in the city. Having successfully put his speech on the table of the whole world, went out to visit other countries.

In this sequence, he became a guest at the house of a famous French scholar.

Swami Vivekananda accepted the hospitality of that scholar and reached his house.

Swamiji was welcomed in the house with respect. Food was arranged according to Swamiji’s taste. It was a privilege to get such food abroad.

After the meal, debate started on the big works of Vedas, Vedanta and religion.

In the room where the debate was taking place, a religious book of about one and a half thousand pages was kept on a table.

Looking at that book, Swamiji said – What is it?

I want to study it. The French scholar was astonished.

He said Swamiji, it is a book of another language, you do not even know the language.

How will you be able to study so many pages?

I have been studying this myself for a month!

Swamiji – You leave it to me, I will return it to you within an hour after studying.

The French scholar now started getting angry, why is Swamiji making such jokes with me?

But Swamiji assured him, on this the French scholar arbitrarily handed over the book to Swamiji.

Swamiji, holding that book in both his hands, sat in yoga meditation for an hour.

As soon as an hour had passed, the French scholar entered the room.

swami ji have you read the book

Yes of couse !

how are you kidding

I have been studying this book for a month.

I haven’t studied even half now, and you say you have studied.

Yes of couse !

Sir you are kidding!

No, you can open any page and get information from me!

That’s what the scholar did.

On speaking page number thirty-two, Swamiji narrated each and every word written on that page in letter.

The French scholar’s surprise knew no bounds.

He fell at the feet of Swamiji. That scholar had not seen a person like Swami before today.

He was convinced, this is no ordinary person.

ascetic life

Swami Vivekananda had taken sannyas at a young age. he left home Nar Sewa to Narayan Sewa had taken a pledge. He was always striving for social welfare and their upliftment. He was struggling to bring the importance of Veda-Vedanta, religion etc. to the common man.

Once upon a time Swamiji had to return to his ashram. He got down from the tonga and sat under the shade of the tree. It has been a long time sitting under the tree. After some time all the people left from there, yet Swami ji sat there status quo.

A gentleman was looking at Swamiji for a long time. There was curiosity in his mind, let’s ask about the situation. Reaching Swamiji and saluting him with courtesy, know his well being. Swamiji told the gentleman in the matter that he did not have the amount to travel further, so he stopped here to rest.

On asking the gentleman, Swamiji said that he has not eaten or drank anything since yesterday. The person took Swamiji to his house, he was well respected in the house.

When the gentleman asked what was in his bag?

Swamiji told a Gita book and a the Bible Is.

The person was surprised. How can two religious books be put together in their bags?

Swamiji told that there is no prejudice of sect, sect etc. in his religion. We can attain God through any means, that path can be any.The person asked who is more needed in sannyasin life. On this Swamiji said that Sanyas is one’s own life in life, but no one else except him.

There can be no other sannyasi than the one who practices virtuous conduct.

Final Words

I hope Swami Vivekananda Stories with moral values ​​must be like by you. Please comment below your thoughts about it in the comment section.

There lived a farmer named Chetan in a village. He would wake up early in the morning to go to the field and work diligently throughout the day, and in the evening he would go to sleep after having a good night’s sleep.

But for a few days, one thing was coming again and again in Chetan’s mind. about that He was thinking a lot now.

It happened that a Seth had come to his village a few days back for some work. Chetan had met him. When he met Seth, he saw that Seth ji was wearing his white complexion. sparkling new Came by car.

As he got out of the car, he was accompanied by two men who were very tall and wide and had a gun in their hand. He was there for Seth ji’s safety. Where Seth would have lived, those two men would also follow him.

Chetan was wondering what the beauty of Seth ji is! If only! I too would have had such a car and two men would walk behind him protecting him.

Chetan’s eyes were also on the expensive clothes of Seth ji. Those were very beautiful clothes before. A big turban was tied on his head and beautiful pointed shoes were on his feet. Chetan also started thinking about such clothes and outfits.

Seth ji had come to the village to meet the farmers. He wanted to buy grains from the farmers here so that they could be sold at higher prices in the city. Seth ji had also talked to Chetan about this.

In a matter of things, Chetan came to know that Seth ji has a very big kothi in which there are many rooms. He also came to know about Seth ji’s busy routine. Seth ji also asked Chetan about him.

animate I started thinking in my mind that I wish! I too would have had such a big house and I slept happily in it. wearing nice clothes from the car all day Wandering here and there

Seeing this meeting with Seth ji and his living conditions, his mind was no longer in his work. Where had his happiness and sleep gone? He wanted to live and do as Seth ji used to live and do.

He started thinking that getting up early in the morning and working, neither the time to wear good clothes nor royal living, what kind of life is this. but now to fulfill his wishes Thought up a plan.

He went to the horse cart owner of the village and took it on rent for 10 days. Painted the horse cart white and took two unemployed people of the village with him and gave them an ax so that when the horse was sitting on the cart or coming out of it, they both be with her at all times and protect her can do

At the same time, he stopped living in his small house and for 10 days rented his village’s big dharamshala. Not only this, he also hired clothes, shoes and got flower garlands made.

Now he wakes up in the morning by wearing clothes, putting a garland of flowers and The horse would ride to his farm with his bodyguard in a cart. Comes to Dharamsala in the evening and sleeps alone in it at night. Some people even started making fun of him.

Incidentally, when Seth ji came to the village again after three days, he saw all this. When he came to know everything about Chetan and why he was doing this, Seth ji laughed a lot and said, “Chetan! You are trying to live a life like mine while I myself am trying to live a life like yours.

Think how much joy is in your life. You wake up early in the morning, looking around on your bicycle with fun taking in the fresh air You go to the farm You work in the field without any tension. You happily return home and go to sleep after having your meal.

The tiredness of the day immediately makes you sleepy. You are happy and healthy, and no one needs anything other than these two.”

Chetan first agrees to Seth ji’s point and then suddenly asks him, “Suppose I was happy with my life but Your life is better than my life. How much joy is there in that? You have a life like a king.”

Seth then laughed very loudly and said, “You need my life.” I like you and I like you. Do you know how difficult it is to live in these heavy clothes? There is tension of work throughout the day.

When and who robbed, because of this, two bodyguards have been kept, who have to keep together all the time even if they do not want to. Due to tension in the evening, I am not able to eat properly and sleep is very less, due to this I wake up late in the morning and can’t get fresh air.”

after saying so Now both were sitting calmly and in their mind Were thinking that really, our life is very good.

What did you learn from this story?

Friends, this Motivational Story gives us a great life lesson. We always want to be like someone else by looking at their life, wanting to be like them. But amidst all these desires, we forget the real happiness of our life.

Look at the story itself, Chetan was very happy and satisfied in his life, but since he had lived a glorious life of Seth ji.Luxurious Life) When he saw it, he started wishing like that. While Seth had everything, but seeing Chetan’s simple life, he started thinking of enjoying it like that.

Friend, are you reading this story? Understand this much that there is a lot of happiness in the kind of life you are living and if there are many such people in the world, then you must be dreaming of living life like you.

There is happiness in what you have. You can make these happiness manifold by making efforts.

It is a matter of thinking that the one who has less money wants to get immense wealth and gets upset. And the one who has immense wealth remains troubled thinking how to keep that money safe.

Nowadays some people who earn less Think that I wish we could earn so much that we could pay tax to the government and feel proud and how can we save the tax that we can pay? Keep searching for such articles.

The government servant thinks that the businessman has a good life and the businessman thinks that the government job is good.

Stop thinking like this brother! Don’t be like anyone else. You just be like yourself, learn to live yourself and lead yourself towards success.

Don’t think that your day will be like Bill Gates, but today is your day. Think like it would be better than yesterday and keep bringing positive changes in yourself continuously. If you do, people will want to copy you. I want to live like you.