An inspirational story that teaches you how to face the challenge

It was a long time ago… a village there lived a boy named Shyam. He was a potter by profession.The discussion of pottery made by him was all around. People used to come from far and wide to see his art.

As much as Shyam used to make beautiful utensils, in the same way his thinking was towards others.… When he used to come to him, he used to go with his solution.

There was no one even far and wide as expert in sports as him. The speed and agility with which he used to run,… as if a cheetah was running.… No one could stand in front of him. Everyone was in love with him.

At a very young age, he became famous in his village as well as in other villages.

Once a terrible calamity struck his village.… A lion used to come to his village at night and take away the domesticated animals.….The villagers were very frightened.…As it was night time there was silence all around. Used to spread.… Do you know when the lion would come and attack.

The villagers were so scared that they were afraid to do farming during the day.…don’t know when they might be attacked by a lion.

The lion had now become a man-eater, he started hunting the village animals as well as humans. He had made many people in the village his food.

The villagers tried a lot to catch the lion but none of the methods worked.….When Shyam came to know about this, he talked about catching the lion in the gram sabha…..

But the village head said, “We tried a lot, but no success was achieved… that lion is a lion, it is not such an easy task to catch him… Suppose you are very fearless, intelligent, but that does not mean that You’ll catch him.”

Shyam started smiling after listening to the chief… to which the chief said, “Why are you smiling so much…. We are all so serious about this problem and you are laughing, what is the reason for this laughter? Tell! Otherwise get ready to face the punishment.”

Shyam said, “No chief! Excuse me! I was not laughing at your words.….I was smiling thinking that the day I would catch that lion and seeing the happiness on the faces of the villagers at that time, I would also have a smile on my face…. That’s why I was smiling.”

The chief said, “Do you have any idea to catch that dreaded man-eating lion?”

Shyam said, “There are many tricks, but I am thinking which one to try.”

The chief said, “Whatever you do, hurry up, we don’t have time…don’t know when that lion will do it. But I have one condition that if you do not succeed then you will have to leave this village.”

Shyam accepted the condition of the chief. Now Shyam came up with three tricks. In which there were two easy tricks and one difficult trick. He thought that first try some easy tricks, if successful then fine, otherwise you will have to adopt difficult tricks.

The first trick – a cage was made and a piece of meat was put in it … so that the lion would come and get imprisoned in the cage. But the lion was so clever that he did not eat the meat but took away a pet animal.

Now thought of adopting the second method.

Second trick- A big net was made and some animals were kept so that if the lion comes and attacks these animals, then they get trapped in the net. But the lion came at such a speed that even before closing the net, he picked up an animal. This remedy also did not work for him.

Now Shyam had the third and last trick which was difficult.If it does not work this time, then the whole village will laugh at him.….But it is said that God also supports him who is devoted to his work with a true heart.….

Shyam was very dedicated towards his work. He dug a big pit and it was so deep that once the lion fell into it, he could not come out.

Shyam, who could run like a cheetah, made a skin like that of a deer and wrapped it and waited for the lion when the dreaded lion would come and make him his prey. It will be fun.…..

Shyam, who was waiting for his hunting lion by wearing the skin of a deer, now the hour of waiting was near. The moonlight was night and both lion and shyam were ready to hunt each other.

It was a very strange sight for the villagers, it was very interesting to see who would prevail over whom and who would win.

This was the last trick for Shyam.… There was danger to his life but if he did not succeed in his aim, the villagers would lose their faith in him. And he will have to leave the village forever. The head of the village had put this condition.

As soon as the lion saw the deer (Shym wearing a hide) and ran towards him, that deer started running fast towards that well-shaped pit…

Now the deer started running even faster…..the deer forward the lion behind…and as soon as the lion took a long jump to catch the deer, the deer also jumped and crossed the big pit and before the lion could understand anything, it was like a well. Fell in the pit…..from which he will never be able to get out.

The villagers shouted, Yes! Be! Be! Shyam’s last trick worked.…we caught the lion……this time the lion’s cunning didn’t work.

Villagers are now more convinced than ever of Shyam’s bravery, honesty, love for villagers and conscientiousness towards his work.

He praised Shyam’s smart trick and the headman proposed to the villagers that from now on the head of our village would be Shyam, on which the villagers started chanting Shyam.

On this Shyam said that it becomes his duty to help his loved ones in trouble and solve the problem.

What did we learn from this inspiring Hindi story?

we get a lesson that no matter how big the problem is, if it is solved with the right effective method and understanding, then you can face every challenge firmly.

This Hindi Kahani tells us that when a challenge comes, it is cowardice to run away from it. A real and successful person is the one who tackles the problem with a proper plan and keeps on trying till the problem is solved.

This Hindi Kahani gives us the message that if you stand up your chest to face the challenge, then the way comes out on its own.

That is to say..Where there is a will there is a way (WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY). That’s why never run away from a challenge… accept it, face it and do it till the solution is found.

I hope you liked this inspirational Hindi story of mine.

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