There lived a farmer named Chetan in a village. He would wake up early in the morning to go to the field and work diligently throughout the day, and in the evening he would go to sleep after having a good night’s sleep.

But for a few days, one thing was coming again and again in Chetan’s mind. about that He was thinking a lot now.

It happened that a Seth had come to his village a few days back for some work. Chetan had met him. When he met Seth, he saw that Seth ji was wearing his white complexion. sparkling new Came by car.

As he got out of the car, he was accompanied by two men who were very tall and wide and had a gun in their hand. He was there for Seth ji’s safety. Where Seth would have lived, those two men would also follow him.

Chetan was wondering what the beauty of Seth ji is! If only! I too would have had such a car and two men would walk behind him protecting him.

Chetan’s eyes were also on the expensive clothes of Seth ji. Those were very beautiful clothes before. A big turban was tied on his head and beautiful pointed shoes were on his feet. Chetan also started thinking about such clothes and outfits.

Seth ji had come to the village to meet the farmers. He wanted to buy grains from the farmers here so that they could be sold at higher prices in the city. Seth ji had also talked to Chetan about this.

In a matter of things, Chetan came to know that Seth ji has a very big kothi in which there are many rooms. He also came to know about Seth ji’s busy routine. Seth ji also asked Chetan about him.

animate I started thinking in my mind that I wish! I too would have had such a big house and I slept happily in it. wearing nice clothes from the car all day Wandering here and there

Seeing this meeting with Seth ji and his living conditions, his mind was no longer in his work. Where had his happiness and sleep gone? He wanted to live and do as Seth ji used to live and do.

He started thinking that getting up early in the morning and working, neither the time to wear good clothes nor royal living, what kind of life is this. but now to fulfill his wishes Thought up a plan.

He went to the horse cart owner of the village and took it on rent for 10 days. Painted the horse cart white and took two unemployed people of the village with him and gave them an ax so that when the horse was sitting on the cart or coming out of it, they both be with her at all times and protect her can do

At the same time, he stopped living in his small house and for 10 days rented his village’s big dharamshala. Not only this, he also hired clothes, shoes and got flower garlands made.

Now he wakes up in the morning by wearing clothes, putting a garland of flowers and The horse would ride to his farm with his bodyguard in a cart. Comes to Dharamsala in the evening and sleeps alone in it at night. Some people even started making fun of him.

Incidentally, when Seth ji came to the village again after three days, he saw all this. When he came to know everything about Chetan and why he was doing this, Seth ji laughed a lot and said, “Chetan! You are trying to live a life like mine while I myself am trying to live a life like yours.

Think how much joy is in your life. You wake up early in the morning, looking around on your bicycle with fun taking in the fresh air You go to the farm You work in the field without any tension. You happily return home and go to sleep after having your meal.

The tiredness of the day immediately makes you sleepy. You are happy and healthy, and no one needs anything other than these two.”

Chetan first agrees to Seth ji’s point and then suddenly asks him, “Suppose I was happy with my life but Your life is better than my life. How much joy is there in that? You have a life like a king.”

Seth then laughed very loudly and said, “You need my life.” I like you and I like you. Do you know how difficult it is to live in these heavy clothes? There is tension of work throughout the day.

When and who robbed, because of this, two bodyguards have been kept, who have to keep together all the time even if they do not want to. Due to tension in the evening, I am not able to eat properly and sleep is very less, due to this I wake up late in the morning and can’t get fresh air.”

after saying so Now both were sitting calmly and in their mind Were thinking that really, our life is very good.

What did you learn from this story?

Friends, this Motivational Story gives us a great life lesson. We always want to be like someone else by looking at their life, wanting to be like them. But amidst all these desires, we forget the real happiness of our life.

Look at the story itself, Chetan was very happy and satisfied in his life, but since he had lived a glorious life of Seth ji.Luxurious Life) When he saw it, he started wishing like that. While Seth had everything, but seeing Chetan’s simple life, he started thinking of enjoying it like that.

Friend, are you reading this story? Understand this much that there is a lot of happiness in the kind of life you are living and if there are many such people in the world, then you must be dreaming of living life like you.

There is happiness in what you have. You can make these happiness manifold by making efforts.

It is a matter of thinking that the one who has less money wants to get immense wealth and gets upset. And the one who has immense wealth remains troubled thinking how to keep that money safe.

Nowadays some people who earn less Think that I wish we could earn so much that we could pay tax to the government and feel proud and how can we save the tax that we can pay? Keep searching for such articles.

The government servant thinks that the businessman has a good life and the businessman thinks that the government job is good.

Stop thinking like this brother! Don’t be like anyone else. You just be like yourself, learn to live yourself and lead yourself towards success.

Don’t think that your day will be like Bill Gates, but today is your day. Think like it would be better than yesterday and keep bringing positive changes in yourself continuously. If you do, people will want to copy you. I want to live like you.

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