The Jataka story is related to Lord Buddha, the things said by him and the experience have been presented through the Jataka story. It is believed that all these Jataka stories are based on the life events of Lord Buddha.

There is no concrete evidence of the number of Jataka stories in Indian literature so far. The person who reads the Jataka story, understands and takes education from it, he behaves appropriately in life. Tries to make his life successful, he starts experiencing right and wrong etc., due to which he chooses the path of his welfare.

In this article, you will study different types of Jataka stories and try to make your life successful, prosperous and happy, with the belief that this article is presented.

Jataka Katha Stories

The existence of the Jataka story has been in Indian literature for thousands of years, which were used in earlier times to teach and guide the society. In earlier times the Jataka story was spoken and narrated orally. When the congregation of people used to sit in the evening, then Jataka tales etc. were told and heard.

We can feel the subject of how intellectually developed the society of earlier times was. At that time school education was not in vogue as it is at present. The society of that time used to follow the proper path given by the Guru and the Mahatmas. Kahani, Jataka used to get his higher knowledge from Katha, Janshruti etc., which used to give a direction to his life and show the right path.

1. Lost life in excessive enthusiasm (Jataka story)

Seth Dhanapal of Vishwas Nagar was very charitable and of high thinking. He always thought about the society, no petitioner returned empty handed from his door.

He considered doing charity as his paramount religion.

Seth’s fame was also in distant states.

There would hardly be a bigger trader than Seth, whenever he went out for business, there used to be 25-30 bullock carts in his convoy. After traveling for many days, he used to go to distant countries and state business and while returning he would bring the necessities of the people of the village. Due to which people could easily get the things of their need. The people there were very happy with this behavior of Seth and respected Seth as a Mahatma.

Once upon a time, Seth was going for business to distant kingdoms.

35 bullock carts loaded with trade items were ready, Seth thought why not this time people should be made pilgrimage along with business. Seth put his mind to the people of the village, people found the words of Seth Dhanpal very beneficial.

Two teams were prepared for the pilgrimage, one young team, the other old team.

According to the time, Seth took his convoy and went out for business.

One day’s journey was very pleasant, all the people laughing and singing together kept moving forward with joy. The next day the old group was cutting its way chanting hymns, the same young group was singing songs and shouting loudly.

On this the old group lodged an objection to Seth Dhanpal.

Seth also thought and called Virendra, the head of the youth group, to him and explained with love. There is an elderly group with us, who are out for pilgrimage, who do not like your shouting and singing in a loud voice.

If the sound is done a little slowly, then no one will have any problem.

Virendra was of a fierce nature, he said to Seth Dhanpal in an overbearing voice – Look, Seth, we do not eat anyone’s lamp, we do our mind. We are young, they are old, so we cannot follow them and anyway we are taking bullock carts slowly due to which we are getting very bored. We are tired of walking slowly due to all of you, now we will not walk like this. If you have trouble with us, then we are moving ahead at a fast pace, meet you guys ahead. Saying this, Virendra along with his companions went ahead leaving behind Seth Dhanpal and the old group at a high speed.

Seth Dhanpal started moving slowly along with the old group, a desert came on the way.

The ox seemed unable to pull the cart,

The sun was very hot, it was getting worse with the heat.

Before entering the desert, Seth had filled cold water in large pots on bullock carts.

This water continued to save lives for them on the way.

Everyone’s condition was bad due to the heat, even the bulls were not pulling the cart properly. His tongue was hanging out. As soon as half the road was cut, then suddenly Seth saw a convoy of deserters and people coming – Seth alerted his team, they all should be alert, there may be a robber. Wearing a black blanket on the body, hair dry – dry, redness in the eyes, long long mustaches look like terrible robbers.

He came near and said, brother, the bullock cart is filled with so much water, due to which your bullocks are not able to pull the load, reduce the amount of water, then the bulls will also be able to walk quickly due to their low weight and you will be able to move through the desert. Will be able to leave soon. You guys don’t behave foolishly, there is a creature in the bull too. After preaching for a long time, the desert party returned. After his return, Seth got into some confusion, his companions also started saying that the people of the desert have said the right thing.

If there is less out in the bullock cart, then the bulls will complete the way easily and quickly.

But Seth used to have old experience, he told people that these people may be robbers!

If we throw away the water, we will not get drinking water on the way.

Due to lack of water, our power will become weak and they will take advantage of our weakness and take away all the goods.

So it is better not to pay attention to their words.

Everyone obeyed Seth’s words and proceeded on the way.

As the desert ended, a cool cold wind was blowing,

In front was a sweet fresh water well,

On which all the people washed their hands and got tired of the road.

At a distance, people saw the dead bodies of some youths.

After going near it came to know that it was his young companions, who had separated from us and came ahead. Due to lack of experience of the way, he fell in the trap of the desert people and lost his life. Among those young boys were sons of some other elders, and some relatives. The faces of all the people laughing and playing turned into sadness.

Moral of this Jataka story

Do not ignore the words of your elders, their suggestions, guidance etc. in excessive enthusiasm. There is experience in their words and thoughts. He always tries to show welfare and the right path. The youth team, not listening to the words of their elders, now worked on their own mind.

The result of which came in the form of his death.

2. Respect for the woman

After becoming a sannyasi, Gautam Buddha was traveling to spread education and knowledge to the masses. He reached a village, there was a hut outside the village where he saw a woman cleaning the house. Looking at the Mahatma, the woman asked, “You look like a prince with your body, but you are wearing this sannyasi chola?” Mahatma Buddha replied – ‘I want to know the real truth of life, want to assimilate, this body is mortal.

Today my body is young, attractive, tomorrow I will be sick, old and it will end.

I want to know the reason for the end of this body!

In search of which I keep wandering here and there!

After a long time, the woman invited the Mahatma to her home for a meal.

This created a stir in the whole village. Everyone knew that Mahatma Budh had come out of the village and his food was going to be in the house of a woman who was characterless.

It is indecent for a monk to have food at such a woman’s house.

Soon a gathering of people started outside the hut.

The head of the village told Mahatma Buddha – ‘You go to the village and accept our hospitality! It would not be appropriate to eat your food at this woman’s house, because she is characterless and her character is not compatible with the society.

Mahatma Buddha was patiently listening to the villagers and the chief.

After the chief’s talk was over, Mahatma Buddha took hold of one of his hands and said, clap. The chief expressed his inability to clap with one hand. Mahatma Buddha released her hand and said that just as two hands are needed to clap, similarly some man must have a part in this woman’s characterlessness. So is it indecent to blame only women?

If this woman is characterless then the people of your village are also characterless.

Today the society is male dominated due to which there is more interference of men on women. No matter how many things men do wrong, slander belongs to women only. This is not a good thing for a civilized society.

The people standing there had come to know about the Mahatma.

Due to this teaching of the Mahatma, today a woman caste had got the respect that she deserved.

learning from story

  • The wise man should always be respected.
  • Education can be found anywhere, anytime, it should be received consciously.
  • Instead of suppressing the interests of women, respecting them should be encouraged.


Through these Jataka stories, we get the education that we should not ignore the words of our elders in extreme enthusiasm, their suggestions, guidance etc. We can move forward in life.

Hope you liked these Jataka stories.

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