Mystery of the Magic City This story is one of my childhood stories, which I used to hear from my grandmother or grandmother.

In today’s time there is no such means, which can make the mental development of children naturally. In earlier times where children were provided traditional education. Grandfather – Grandmother, maternal grandmother – Grandson – Granddaughter  Or grandchildren were responsible for the early education and sharpening of the mind. That is not possible in today’s circumstances, all those forgotten memories remain.

Today the place of elders has been replaced by mobile or communication media.

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Secrets of the Magic City – Jadui kahani

Somalpur Raja Surya Pratap was a very majestic and popular king. There was no shortage of any kind in his state text. The people were living their life happily. Surya Pratap had a son Tej Pratap who became marriageable, but he did not want to get married because of his hair.

Whenever the father or someone asked for marriage, Tej Pratap would have placed his condition in front of him, that condition was –

‘ The girl who marries him will be kicked every morning and evening. ‘

No girl agrees to get married on this condition. There would be very few who would accept such a condition. The king was troubled day by day in this worry. Tej Pratap was the only son of the king. If marriage does not take place, then how will their reign and dynasty progress, this concern is the king  He was harassed day and night.

The king sent an invitation to his son even in faraway kingdoms.

But no one agrees to the marriage in front of Tej Pratap’s condition. A long time had passed.

A girl Ragini accepted such a condition and challenge and filled yes to get married. Seeing the time and the Muhurta, both of them got married.

After completing all the rituals, when both of them reached Kohbar, Tej Pratap reminded his newly married wife Ragini of his condition and told to kick one. Ragini said you can kick me only when you will be able to earn by yourself. You can’t kick me on dad’s earnings right now. Tej Pratap fumed with anger, came out of Kohbar and left the state and went out to earn.

When Tej Pratap was discovered in the morning, it was found that he had gone out to earn money.

No one tried to find it because Ragini had stopped everyone.

Tej Pratap reached the kingdom of a king Sundarnagar after traveling for two days.

There he finds strange incidents.

First Magic Event

Tej Pratap is suddenly seen on the foot of the wall, the gathering of rats while walking. From where the melodious music was expanding. Music that Tej Pratap had never heard anywhere else.

He just stood there watching.

There was a group of rats, one rat was singing in a melodious voice, the other was gathering on the beat of the dholak.  A mouse was teasing the sound waves of the harmonium. Not only this, different types of musical instruments were communicating very smooth music. Seeing this, Tej Pratap could not believe that these rats could do such a thing.

All the rats finished their music and went back to the bill.

Tej Pratap could not forget that music, it was too late to sit.

That music was not going to detract from his ears. Then suddenly his concentration was disturbed in front the gathering was over.

The second magical event

He got up and walked some distance ahead, there was a river in the city which he had to cross to complete the way ahead. Tej Pratap to cross that river  Thinking of the idea, a jackal boat is presented to him.

somewhere master do you have to cross the river?

Tej Pratap’s eyes are torn apart.

What’s this! The jackal is driving the boat and he will make the man sit and cross it? He fell into thought.

The jackal calls again

Master do you have to cross the river?

Ha…ha, yes! I want to cross the river

Let’s get in the boat!

Tej Pratap boarded the boat with steady steps and in no time he landed across the river.

The third magical event

Tej Pratap had never seen such strange incidents before. He could not even think that a pond was visible in front of him.

A swan and a pair of swans were washing clothes at that pond.

After washing clothes, he used to toss it towards the sky. When that cloth came back on the ground, it was dry and folded on its own. Tej Pratap could not believe his eyes. Can a cloth be tossed in the sky like this and come dry and folded?

Well now he was slowly realizing that this is some magical city, strange occurrences could be normal here.

Being tired, he sat under the same tree and was watching the miracle of the swan with his own eyes.

Hans – Hansini finished her work and flew away.

Tej Pratap was sitting in the shade of the same tree.

He moves forward when the sun is less.

Fourth Magic Event

Tej Pratap had now reached the main market of the state, it was evening, the market was starting to get bright. There were more than one item being sold all around, some toys, some dishes, some beautiful and silk clothes. An old lady was sitting nearby, in her basket there was two-handed cucumber, and four-handed seeds. Tej Pratap could not understand this riddle, he was again surprised. He had never seen a two-handed cucumber and a four-handed seed before.

Trying to understand the riddle after stopping for a while.

There was a big poster on a pillar nearby, on which was written about the strange incident happening in the city and asking for a reward by the king for proving the truth.

Tej Pratap  He had to earn his hard earned money so that he could fulfill the conditions of his marriage.

Who had to kick the wife one morning and evening.

He hastily reached the king. Quickly told the king in detail about all the four events he had seen with his own eyes.

King – How can you say this with confidence?

Tej Pratap – Yes sir! I have seen with my own eyes.

King – can you show me all that?

Tej Pratap – Yes you must go with me!

King – If you do not show up, you will be imprisoned for life.

Tejpratap – Yes sir, but once you go and see.

Tej Pratap – If I show you the truth, you will give me half the kingdom.

King – We are sure of the word.

Tej Pratap – So hurry up sir, I can show you all the events.

Will Tej Pratap be able to give proof of all the four magical events? know

The king followed Tej Pratap with his minister and some courtiers.  Tej Pratap goes to all the places one by one.

First he reaches the old lady.  Seeing the army coming from afar, the old lady gets scared and runs away from there. Tej Pratap does not see the old lady there.

The old lady sitting here was selling cucumbers and seeds, don’t know where she went.

This incident proved you wrong.

ok want to show maharaj ali incident

King – Come on!

He took everyone to the pond where the swans were washing clothes.  Hans – Hansini  Seeing the king and his army coming from so far away, tied their bundle and flew into the sky.

When Tej Pratap reached the pond with the king, there was no one there.

King – This incident also proved to be false

Tej Pratap took everyone to the river where the jackal was sailing. The jackal got scared seeing such a big army coming. Started thinking –

How am I the only one able to get past such a huge army?

Thinking he left the boat and ran away.

Tej Pratap’s statement also proved to be a lie in front of the king.

Tej Pratap, all these incidents of yours are being proved wrong.  You shouldn’t have joked with us.

No sir, I am not joking, I am telling you things I have seen with my own eyes. Just look at the next incident where the rats were playing sweet music.

All crossed the river one by one.

Tej Pratap took them all and reached under the same wall where the group of rats was frozen and the rats were dancing and singing.

But the rats also took all their belongings and hid in the bill seeing a lot of people coming from afar.

Tej Pratap could not prove all the four incidents.  So he was taken prisoner without delay, he stuck to his words, but the king did not listen to a word and announced a harsh punishment.

Search for Tej Pratap starts

Many days had passed, here Tej Pratap’s newly wed wife Ragini was getting worried. If he had gone for earning and started earning, he would have immediately returned with a desire to kick. But it seems that some unpleasant incident has happened to them.

Now must find Tej Pratap.

Ragini disguised as a handsome young man and went in search of Tej Pratap.

Searched in many states but there was no trace of Tej Pratap.

Ragini reached the same state where Tej Pratap was imprisoned.

Ragini also saw all the four events in turn and also read about the reward on the pillar, which was to be given by the king after proving the incident to be true. Ragini believed that it may not be that Tej Pratap has been taken prisoner by this king.

It is a trick of the king which no one can prove to be true.

Strategy to free Tej Pratap from prison

Ragini returned to her kingdom without delay.

Coming to her kingdom, Ragini prepared an army in which dozen cats,  two dogs  ,  Raised two eagles and a lion cub. Full training/training to both  given.

A month had passed, Ragini had so used to all of them day and night, that she could do any work as told by Ragini. When everyone got used to Ragini’s orders, Ragini took them all and left for that kingdom in the guise of a prince.

On the way someone asks him hey brother, are you going to juggle?

The prince went ahead saying that everyone is not a pet  

After completing the journey, the prince reached Sundernagar.

Awesome barricade of Ragini’s army

The prince stationed an army of cats near the rats and went ahead, asking them to play music in the same way. Next the jackal was found by deploying both the dogs near him and further forward by deploying both the eagles in the pond where the swans and swans used to wash clothes.  is.

Arriving in the city, the prince appears in the court of the king by posting the lion’s cub near the old lady.

Akkhokhi  Assuring to prove the whole incident, he urges Raja to accompany him. The king tells his conditions to the prince so that he will not listen later.

The prince came with all the preparations, he took the king with him.

The old lady, seeing the king and his minister coming from afar, tried to run away, but the lion’s child was ready with full readiness.

He didn’t let the old woman run away.

The king looked at the old lady and also saw the lion’s child standing behind and understood something. Today  The prince has come prepared, but could not back down from his word.

So he had to move on to see the next event.

Further, the prince also showed Hans-Hansin near the pond who used to wash clothes and throw them towards the sky. He used to fall back on the ground after drying and folding the cloth.

The king saw that feat with his own eyes.

The prince again took the king to the river.

There the jackal was driving the boat, the jackal made the king and his ministers take turns crossing the river.

All were across the river.

The prince proceeded by ordering both the dogs to be under his watch.

The next incident was that of a rat, seeing such a large army coming, the rats were thinking of running away. But a dozen cats were on guard, the cats also gave them a stern warning and death threats.

The condition of the rats became tight, they kept playing music.

The king also came and saw the gathering of rats.

King imprisoned

According to the condition, the entire kingdom of the king belonged to the prince. The servants of the king – Chakar, palace and soldiers too. The prince immediately ordered the soldiers to take this king captive. From today I am your king.

According to the condition, the king had lost himself and the whole kingdom. The soldiers immediately took the king captive.

Discussions of the new Maharaja had spread all over the state, all wanted to meet the new Maharaja.

The prince ordered the release of all the prisoners.

But before that he wanted to meet everyone. All the prisoners were ordered for their release, all started dancing with joy. He had given up hope of being free.

All the prisoners were prepared for release and presented one by one before the king.

Tej Pratap recognized Ragini, who was just sitting as a king in male disguise. immediately  Ordered –

“This person should be kept aside”.

This happened, Tej Pratap could not understand. All the prisoners were released, but why was I stopped? Did I make any mistake ,  Who’s getting punished?

Tej Pratap’s life was drying up, then the king ordered  –

“This person should be arranged to stay in the guest house”.

The king’s order was obeyed immediately. Tej Pratap was stopped at the guest house.

The secret of Ragini’s king form exposed

When the king got free time from his court, he reached the guest house alone to meet Tej Pratap. Seeing the king, Tej Pratap started apologizing to him. But the king had a smile on his face.

The king renounces the male disguise and comes in his true female form. Tej Pratap knew this female form because she was his wife Ragini.

Tej Pratap had a remorse in his eyes, he had married his wife on the condition of being kicked.

Today his life was saved by the same wife.

Tej Pratap  In a sense of guilt, as soon as  Wanted to hold the feet by falling,

Ragini stepped back and said –

” Don’t make me a partaker of sin, this was my wife’s religion, it is not my right to protect you, it becomes religion and if any calamity comes on you How could I bear that.”

Ragini again assumed her male form and made an announcement in the state that she would voluntarily surrender her kingdom to Tej Pratap and return to her kingdom. The same thing happened the next day Tej Pratap was coronated with full state honors by law.

The king was given the royal text of Sundernagar.

Here the prince dramatically disappeared from that kingdom.

After a few days, King Tej Pratap goes to his father’s kingdom to take his wife along with the royalty.

Ragini who was the heroine of the whole incident, moves happily to her new kingdom with Tej Pratap. It was just that Ragini and Tej Pratap started living their married life in Sundernagar.

Final words

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