When Rohan came to his house from college yesterday, he saw the tree outside his house which had been near his house for a long time. Growing up outside.

He saw that now the branches of that tree have reached the door of his house, due to which it is difficult to go inside the house. Rohan plucked some leaves of the twigs that reached the door. But within a week, new leaves grew there again.

Rohan thought that why not break only the branch of this tree which is coming at the door. He broke that branch of the tree and started coming through his door comfortably. He thought that now this problem is over, but what is it?

Within a few days a new branch has grown again on that tree which was bigger and greener than before. Then Rohan’s eyes went to the wall near the door.

Rohan said, “Oh! What is this! Some branches of the tree are spreading on the wall.”

He thought that this problem is increasing even more, today only these branches of this tree will have to be broken.

Now Rohan plucked the branches growing on the wall and the door and thought that now this problem is over, but within a month, some branches on the wall and door have grown again and this problem is same as before.

Now Rohan got worried. On the same day, his Guruji came to meet him at Rohan’s house. Guru ji saw that Rohan was feeling upset, so he asked Rohan the reason for being upset.

Rohan immediately put his problem in front of Guruji and said, “Guruji, now you yourself tell me a solution to this problem.”

Guru ji went near the door and the wall, saw that tree and smiled and said, “You are not able to solve such a small problem, come inside the house, I will explain to you.”

He went inside the house and sat in a room. Rohan turned on the room fan for them. Guru ji looked at Rohan and said, “Do this, show this fan by turning it off without switching it off.”

Rohan went to the chowk and said, “Guru ji, how can this fan be switched off without switching off? That’s not possible.”

Guru ji said that if you try, it will stop. Rohan made many attempts but did not succeed. Now he tried to stop the fan by putting a rope, the fan stopped by putting the rope, but after removing the rope, it started running again due to the current.

Rohan said, “Guruji, the fan cannot be turned off without switching off.”

Guruji smiled and said, “That’s what I want to explain to you. Just as a fan cannot be stopped without any effort without switching it off, similarly the tree cannot be stopped from growing without cutting the root.

Rohan’s eyes lit up. He immediately went outside the house with an ax and cut the root of the tree with that ax. Now Rohan’s problem has come to an end forever.

What did you learn from this story?

Friends! This story tells us that if If you want to remove any problem forever, then it has to be eliminated from the root, otherwise the problem will not go away. As soon as the root is cut, the problem goes away immediately and forever.

Rohan knew that a tree was growing outside his house for a long time but he did not pay attention until one of its branches came on the door and started disturbing him.

likewise Most of the problems come in our life which grow slowly but we do not pay attention to them. And pay attention when those problems start bothering us. It is better not to wait for the problem to escalate and end it as soon as it starts.

Imagine what would have happened if Rohan cut that tree when he was young?

Rohan would break the branch of the tree and think that the problem was over but after some time she grew up again and started troubling Rohan. This time the twigs started growing on the wall along with the door.

likewise Many problems come in our life, which if removed from the surface, then after giving some rest, that problem arises again and starts bothering us. And maybe next time that problem will come with an even more frightening form.

The solution is that if a problem arises, its root should be found and after identifying the root, it should be cut immediately. Thus the problem goes away forever.

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