Somesh had completed his college studies this year. There was a very pleasant atmosphere between him and his friends. Everyone was thinking that let’s go somewhere.

Somesh and his 10 friends made a plan that all of them would go for a picturesque walk in the mountains. Everyone gathered together with their bags. He also arranged for a car of his own so that it could be reached there easily.

In the evening all the people started their journey and on the second day in the morning they all reached the hilly area.

Everyone had just started walking that Somash said to his friends, “Look at that! So many people have gathered under that mountain, let’s see what is special there.”

Somesh and all his friends reached the bottom of that mountain. He saw that thousands of people had gathered there. Somesh asked around that what are such a large number of people doing here.

On enquiry, it came to know that all the people had gathered to climb that mountain. This is a very famous mountain. While climbing on it, very beautiful and picturesque views of nature are seen. And the biggest thing is that after reaching its peak, the world’s largest Looks beautiful picture and gets the best experience.

On knowing this, Somesh and all his friends made up their mind to climb the mountain and they along with all the crowd went on a journey on the mountain which gives beautiful views as well as good experiences.

Walked away with all the crowd keeping the experience in mind for the most beautiful picture of the peak. After going some distance, Somesh realized that some people had fallen short of such a large crowd.

He was thinking that his attention was drawn to a very beautiful waterfall. He was so beautiful that Somesh kept looking at him forgetting everything. After seeing that waterfall, he again started climbing the mountain with friends.

After reaching some distance, he again realized that now less people are walking with us than before. Then two of his friends also said that problems have started increasing, now we cannot climb up. This is where we stop, you all are on the top of the mountain.

Now Somesh along with his eight friends started moving forward looking at the beautiful scenery. He felt that the further he was going up the mountain, the more the crowd was getting smaller. In between, his friends were also leaving his side.

But Somesh did not give up and kept going. There was only one thing in his mind that I have to see that most beautiful picture of the top of this mountain and feel the experience that comes from it.

He went on climbing the mountain. A crowd of people and his friends left him. The peak was now only a short distance away. Very few people and only two of his friends were with him.

Somesh’s mind also started to return from there. When he looked down, the ground was very low and if he looked up, the peak was only a short distance away. Seeing this, energy got inside him and he started climbing up again.

After some time he finally reached the top of that mountain and saw the scene which was the most beautiful picture in the world. On reaching the summit, he realized an experience that very few people are able to feel.

He saw that only two of his friends and a few people were able to relive that experience with him. He felt that he was one of the luckiest human beings in the world. He was feeling the victory.

He sat there and started thinking about his journey, how thousands of people started this journey with me. As the height increased, the number of people also decreased and only a few people could reach the floor.

Thinking so much, he realized that today he has understood the secret of success. He understood how to get victory in life.

After all, what was the experience of Somesh understanding the secret of success?

Friends, now I will tell you the experience of Somesh, which I also experienced once. Thousands of people went along with Somesh but only a few people could get the goal. Only a few people got the experience of success.

The crowd of thousands gathered at the bottom of the mountain tells that everyone wants to experience success. Everyone wants that they get the biggest success in the world.

Keeping this thing in mind, people start the journey to achieve that goal in their life. But as the difficulties increase, people start giving up on their goal and start doing something else.

Reaching your goal is like climbing a mountain. The more the height increases, the more difficulties increase. Most of the people give up because they focus their attention on difficulties and hold back because of fear.

But there are few people who focus on the pleasant feeling of reaching the goal and move on. Somesh is one of these few people.

It is also necessary to understand here that all people are present on the surface of success, but as the height of success increases, people become less and similarly only a few people are on the top of success. able to reach.

So friends, take care if you also want to reach the top of success by climbing the steps of success, then focus your mind only on getting the “feeling after reaching the top of success”, and not the troubles on the way. Feather.

Because for those who think about the difficulties on the way, they never reach the goal and for those who focus on the desire to have a pleasant experience after reaching the goal, for them all the troubles on the way seem very small. And he even crosses them very quickly.

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