Swami Vivekananda is one of the finest men ever born in India. He is admired by all. Today we will read best Swami Vivekananda stories  with moral values ​​written.

Youth full of inspiration, curiosity, determination power etc. Respected Swami Vivekananda Some important stories of the life time of K.K. are presented through this article.

Some stories are based on the events of his life, while some are based on public opinion.

This article is going to introduce the knowledge, personality and character of Swami Vivekananda and his sharp intelligence. The youth always consider Swamiji as their source of inspiration. Taking personal inspiration from this story, you can bring important changes in your life.

Swamiji is always revered as a power house.

His will power and curiosity and search instinct still inspire human beings. He had a firm belief that it is useless to rest until you achieve your task.

1. Education to Social Service

Once upon a time Swami Vivekananda He was reciting the Vedas in his ashram, when four Brahmins came to him, he was very distraught. It seemed that he was trying hard to find a solution to a question.

The four Brahmins bowed down to Swamiji and said – Swamiji! We are in big dilemma, want to know from you the solution of your problem. Satisfy our curiosity.

Swamiji assured and wanted to know

What a curiosity What’s your question?
The Brahmin said, Mahatma, all four of us have received the education of Vedas and Vedanta. We all want to see the society happy, prosperous and prosperous with our knowledge by roaming in different directions in the society.

Guide us in this!

A slight smile came on Swamiji’s face and he said to the Brahmin gods –

It’s a brahmin! All of you can achieve all these goals, for this you have to spread the promotion of education in the society together.

How can our goal be achieved by Brahmin deity education?
Swamiji, just as the garden is made beautiful by planting saplings in the garden, in the same way the upliftment of society is possible through education.

Education creates understanding in a person, makes them rich for life. Education helps to be endowed with resources, education shows the way to remove all lack. On attaining all this, the person himself becomes prosperous.

The Brahmin deity had now understood the idea of ​​Swami Vivekananda very well.

Now they together vowed that they Education This will be their social service.

French Scholar

It is a matter of those days when Swami Vivekananda ji America Of Chicago Went to give his historic speech in the city. Having successfully put his speech on the table of the whole world, went out to visit other countries.

In this sequence, he became a guest at the house of a famous French scholar.

Swami Vivekananda accepted the hospitality of that scholar and reached his house.

Swamiji was welcomed in the house with respect. Food was arranged according to Swamiji’s taste. It was a privilege to get such food abroad.

After the meal, debate started on the big works of Vedas, Vedanta and religion.

In the room where the debate was taking place, a religious book of about one and a half thousand pages was kept on a table.

Looking at that book, Swamiji said – What is it?

I want to study it. The French scholar was astonished.

He said Swamiji, it is a book of another language, you do not even know the language.

How will you be able to study so many pages?

I have been studying this myself for a month!

Swamiji – You leave it to me, I will return it to you within an hour after studying.

The French scholar now started getting angry, why is Swamiji making such jokes with me?

But Swamiji assured him, on this the French scholar arbitrarily handed over the book to Swamiji.

Swamiji, holding that book in both his hands, sat in yoga meditation for an hour.

As soon as an hour had passed, the French scholar entered the room.

swami ji have you read the book

Yes of couse !

how are you kidding

I have been studying this book for a month.

I haven’t studied even half now, and you say you have studied.

Yes of couse !

Sir you are kidding!

No, you can open any page and get information from me!

That’s what the scholar did.

On speaking page number thirty-two, Swamiji narrated each and every word written on that page in letter.

The French scholar’s surprise knew no bounds.

He fell at the feet of Swamiji. That scholar had not seen a person like Swami before today.

He was convinced, this is no ordinary person.

ascetic life

Swami Vivekananda had taken sannyas at a young age. he left home Nar Sewa to Narayan Sewa had taken a pledge. He was always striving for social welfare and their upliftment. He was struggling to bring the importance of Veda-Vedanta, religion etc. to the common man.

Once upon a time Swamiji had to return to his ashram. He got down from the tonga and sat under the shade of the tree. It has been a long time sitting under the tree. After some time all the people left from there, yet Swami ji sat there status quo.

A gentleman was looking at Swamiji for a long time. There was curiosity in his mind, let’s ask about the situation. Reaching Swamiji and saluting him with courtesy, know his well being. Swamiji told the gentleman in the matter that he did not have the amount to travel further, so he stopped here to rest.

On asking the gentleman, Swamiji said that he has not eaten or drank anything since yesterday. The person took Swamiji to his house, he was well respected in the house.

When the gentleman asked what was in his bag?

Swamiji told a Gita book and a the Bible Is.

The person was surprised. How can two religious books be put together in their bags?

Swamiji told that there is no prejudice of sect, sect etc. in his religion. We can attain God through any means, that path can be any.The person asked who is more needed in sannyasin life. On this Swamiji said that Sanyas is one’s own life in life, but no one else except him.

There can be no other sannyasi than the one who practices virtuous conduct.

Final Words

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