There was a lockup in India due to Corona virus, due to which people had to spend the day at home. What kind of stories happen in everyone’s house. We have written more stories on this topic below. You enjoyed reading it. There are also instructive stories that everyone should read. You can also share this story among yourself.

So let’s start studying the stories

1. Battle with Corona

Ramesh had returned from Italy with his parents. When the doctor examined, it came to know that all have been hit by the corona virus. To avoid this, they have to stay in separate rooms.

The same thing happened, all three had to be quarantined in different rooms. That too away from the society.

Ramesh was still a child.

He was not feeling alone.

Ramesh’s friends figured out a trick –

All the friends would talk and play games with Ramesh through online videos from their respective homes at one time. Ramesh also used to be involved in this game. At times, Ramesh also played the role of an inspector.

He would examine the paintings and poems written by his friends and give them numbers.

Suddenly a day came that when he defeated the epidemic like Corona and all got well. Ramesh thanks his friends.

But still those people are waiting for the end of the epidemic by staying in their homes.

Conclusion –

No matter how big the disease is, one should not be afraid of it, one should fight fearlessly. In the end, victory belongs to the one who fights.

If friends and relatives are together, then the courage increases a hundred fold.

2. Najma made a mask

Najma is just eight years old. She studies in fifth grade. The school has been closed for a long time due to the corona pandemic. She used to watch on television everyday while people were upset. It was learned from Abbu that this disease enters the body through mouth and breath. To prevent this, the government has advised to wear masks and wash hands.

Dear children, Prime Minister Modi ji has asked to prepare masks at home.

Najma made masks for her family with the help of her mother.

This mask was beautiful, people around also started praising it.

What was just……….

Najma was inspired to make masks. Sitting at home, Najma made a lot of masks and gave them to the needy people for free. People applauded Najma for giving her the mask, and blessed her a lot. Najma’s happiness knew no bounds.

Najma started the work of making a lot of masks.

Now she distributes masks in large quantities to the cleaning warriors and to the poor people in the morning and evening.

Conclusion – Helping the needy increases the happiness four fold. You should do the same thing.

3. Have a wonderful birthday

To avoid the corona virus, the government has put a lockdown across the country. Dimpy’s birthday was the next day, but all the shops were closed. Friends were also not coming out of their house.

Dimpy felt that this time her birthday would go in vain.

This time even sweets and cakes will not be available to eat.

Dimpy was getting sad thinking this,

The next day was his birthday. Papa – Mummy too was getting disappointed seeing Dimpy sad. Both are determined to remove Dimpy’s sadness. The next day mom prepared a beautiful cake using biscuits and milk.

Papa decided to make hot jalebi for his beloved daughter.

Soon a lot of jalebis were made.

What was it?

Dimpy made a beautiful colorful birthday cap from an old copy.

Invite your friends via video call.

All the friends had joined online now, then Dimpy cut the cake and all the friends sang the song Happy Birthday to You together.

Dimpy who was sad till yesterday, there was no end to her happiness today.

He had never celebrated such a birthday before today. She was very happy to celebrate today’s birthday. The parents were also very happy seeing Dimpy’s happiness.

4. Tasty Breakfast

At the time of Lok Down, everyone was getting bored sitting in the house. The school was closed, studies and writing were being done lightly in the house. There was no other work than watching TV all day and then listening to songs.

All the brothers and sisters together decided –

Today we will make breakfast together at home and will surprise everyone.

Thinking so, Meena immediately took out the recipe of making breakfast from the internet.

Ritesh and Satyam immediately started the work.

Meena supports them.

The three brothers and sisters together prepared delicious pakodas and chutneys in half an hour.

When brother and sister together fed dumplings and chutney to the whole family.

Everyone liked dumplings and chutney so much that dumplings were over immediately.

What was it now people wanted more pakoris.

Mom went to the kitchen and came back in no time with a lot of pakodis and a cup of tea.

Today was really nice.

The brothers and sisters worked together, they were getting a lot of praise.

He had never done such a thing before today.

5. Take the increased work

Everyone gets rest in the holiday. Playing – jumping, eating and drinking and rest.

Due to the lockdown due to Corona virus, the work of mother-sister and other women sitting in the house increased more than before.

The household of women increased further due to children and other members sitting at home due to leave.

From morning till evening, all the time was spent in the kitchen of the house.

Earlier, when children used to go to school, other members of the household used to leave for office or their work.

Then the women of the house used to take rest for some time.

She used to talk on television, serials and sometime with her friends or even in her maternal home.

Now he can’t be.

Day and night, the bus started going out in the service of the family.

Just as other members of the house need rest, similarly the women of the house should also get some rest.

Therefore, one should also contribute in the work of cleanliness and kitchen.

Children should also be taught this type of work.

So that in future he can become self-reliant, his character can develop.

6. Got bored sitting sitting

Never before had there been so much boredom. Boredom and the importance of time were felt like never before now. As soon as the government imposed the rule of staying at home. Took a few days, this time will pass by laughing and playing.

2 days passed

4 days passed

But slowly now this time began to feel burdensome.

Somehow, time was spent by watching movies, watching television and painting. But how much time can you spend?

Sometimes he used to play Ludo, Chess also but he does not spend as much time as he should.

Gradually, the time table was also prepared in front.

Waking up in the morning, breakfast – doing some time doing yoga by doing water, newspaper, news paper, watching and reading news. Talking to friends, studying some books. Doing cleaning in the house, watching some work in the kitchen, while doing this, gradually started cutting.

Talked to some friends, they were not able to engage themselves in household chores.

So he got bored sitting. The saying of such people does not even accept an unworthy stomach, it started expanding its scope. Now they can be called Tondu.

Really getting bored sitting down now.

7. Rabbit went crazy

It becomes difficult to spend time sitting at home, at a time when one has to stay indoors for a long time. Children’s schools were closed, elders’ offices were closed, everyone was closed inside the house.

It was Anant’s birthday, father brought a rabbit home, keeping Anant’s happiness in mind. Anant liked the rabbit so much that he used to play with it all day long.

He used to feed food and even went out and brought green grass by cutting it.

Seeing all this, the younger brother Vinayak also got hold of his insistence. Now he also wanted a rabbit.

Father also brought a rabbit for Vinayak.

Now what was there in the house there were two rabbits. Both took care of their respective rabbits throughout the day.

If you are hungry, you feed food, even if you do not feel you feed.

He kept himself awake throughout the day and did not even let the rabbit sleep.

While doing this, the rabbit got upset with the love of both the brothers.

What did the two rabbits talk about among themselves?

From the next day onwards, the new exploits of both of them started.

When both the brothers got up and came to the rabbit, they would throw them out.

He would have brought green grass for them.

Rabbits quickly take grass according to their plan, sometimes under the sofa, and sometimes under the bed.

Throughout the day the brothers would look for them to catch. He became so upset that he stopped bothering the rabbit.

In the end, after getting tired, Anant and Vinayak said that the rabbits have gone mad, they do not stay in their house and stay hidden for the whole day.

8. coronavirus is back in the old days

Shanti Sadan In Mohan And Sunanda Both were living alone for a long time. his two sons Excellent And Beautiful Were. a daughter named shyama Was . Everyone got married.

Uttam works in a laboratory in Canada. Sundar is on the post of manager in a private company. Shyama lives at her in-laws’ house. Everyone is busy in their personal life. Talk to each other but through phone and computer.

Mohan and Sunanda got married on 17 March 2020 45th anniversary Was. Uttam, Sundar and Shyama together surprise their Mama and Papa. Also planned to celebrate the anniversary together.

All started attending Shanti Sadan one by one on March 16 as per the plan.

A car stopped outside Shanti Sadan. Uttam got down from that car with his wife and two children. The blurry eyes of Mohan and Sunanda recognized Uttam. Both of them came and stood outside the door running. In the race for the first hug, Mohan’s slippers were left behind and Sunanda won.

Was just about to meet Uttam,

A car came and parked at the door. Sundar and his wife along with a daughter got down from this car. Mohan and Sunanda’s eyes filled with tears. The sons for whom these eyes yearned, today both those sons were in front of their eyes.

One by one everyone started lifting things.

A car horn and rang, everyone put the bag back on the ground.

This car seemed to belong to Shyama’s husband.

In fact Shyama her husband and a little angel in that car. A naughty Gopal got down saying Nana-Nani. There was really happiness in Shanti Sadan today.

Everyone started meeting happily.

Yesterday was a special day, everyone got ready for it.

The crisis of the Corona epidemic was over the whole world. To avoid its dangers, the government announced a nationwide lockdown, staying at home. All vehicular movement was banned. Market roads were all closed.

The problem of going back to their respective homes now arose in front of everyone.

Uttam, Sundar and Shyama all sat in one place. Started remembering the old things – ‘How we used to fight in childhood, how we used to live a happy life at home. Today all that is not available in the household. ‘

After a long time this decision was taken – now we will re-live those old times at the time of Lok Down. You will also include your children in this. All the little brothers and sisters will also get along well. Don’t know when you will get time again!

What was it, all the people of the house were involved in this decision. There was happiness in Shanti Sadan. The hearts of Mohan and Sunanda, who had been deserted for years, were also lit up.

9. Pakoras made

lock down It was time Everyone was spending their day staying at home. The children were on leave. Offices, markets, shops were all closed.

Simmi, Jiten Both are brother and sister. Simmi studies in class V, Jiten in class III.

Was given leave from school due to lock down. Almost twenty days have passed since the lock down. Everyone was getting bored at home.

Once upon a time, everyone was sleeping. Then Simmi and Jiten together made a program.

This program was to surprise everyone.

Simmi lived more with her mother. She remembered very well the recipe of pakoras made by her mother.

Simmi immediately mixed the gram flour.

Jiten places a pan on the stove and heats the oil.

Simmi along with her brother prepared the pakoras in a hurry.

Jiten prepared the plate with tomato chutney kept in the fridge.

The table was decorated to surprise everyone.

Everyone was very happy to see the pakoras

Today there was happiness on their faces, which had disappeared due to the lockdown.

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