A great story that teaches you to face the change in life

Changes happen continuously in the world because change is the law of nature. (Change is the Law of Nature). Those who follow this rule, they face the changes happening in the world with their chest and change themselves according to this rule.

But there are many people who do not want any change to happen, but when the change happens, they are unable to change themselves accordingly and are left far behind or too low. Sometimes, because of not changing with change, some people even have to lose everything.

Come on! About this I will tell you a short story with a moral-

There are four characters in this story, two mice named Sniff and Scurry and two people named Hem and Haw. By working very hard in these four, he had collected a lot of “things” around him. He loved his stuff.

Here cheese means all those things which we want to get in our life. Be it a good job, health, money or your favorite things.

All four had started enjoying their thing. But Sniff and Scurry were very clever. Along with enjoying the cheese, he used to analyze the thing he had every day and keep finding out what is the quality of the thing now and how much thing is left with him now.

While Hem and Haw continued to enjoy their cheeses. He never even noticed that his thing was decreasing.

One day when Sniff and Scurry saw that they had run out of everything, they didn’t get upset but without wasting time immediately went on a hunt for something new.

Here Hem and Haw when they came to know that their thing was now over, they were very upset and started searching for their thing again and again, started blaming others and started saying where did our thing go, who took it.

He used to search for his thing every day but he could not find it. One day Haw told Heim that Sniff and Scurry didn’t know where they were, perhaps going in search of a new “thing”. We should also go through the maze that surrounds us in search of new things.

Here the maze means this “world” where we do not know when we will get what when our efforts are completed.

Hem started getting scared at the very name of going to the maze and started saying that no! My thing will come one day, I have nowhere to go.

But Ha started laughing at himself and said that we have been trying for so many days, now nothing is going to come here, now we have to go to the maze to find it ourselves.

Haw asked Hem a lot to accompany him but he did not agree. Then Ho himself got ready and went into the maze in search of things.

In the labyrinth, Haw was very afraid, but he had no other way but to be afraid and move on. He had become very weak. In his search for a very big thing, he used to find small pieces of cheese on the way, which he used to eat and make a living.

With fear, he was going ahead. On the way, he felt that a huge pile of cheese was about to come, but when he went near, he saw two or four small pieces lying there. Maybe someone had come earlier and took away the pile of that thing.

Ha thought why not choose a new path because success is not being achieved in this path. He started walking on a new path in the maze. As soon as he started on the new path, he started feeling very good. He felt that his fear had run away.

When we choose a new path and our path is right, then our fear goes away. Yes, it was starting to feel great now.

He had a constant memory of his friend Hem. He was going ahead in search of the thing and if Hem went from there and wanted to reach it, for this Haw had marked the walls in the middle of the path so that Hem would not have any problem in reaching it.

Now Haw began to fantasize. He was walking along the path in the maze and imagining a huge pile of things. By imagining this way, he was getting the energy to move forward.

Suddenly his eyes fell on a very big place where he saw something like a mountain. He moved forward running very fast. His speed had increased manifold.

As soon as he reached near that mountain, his eyes were wide open. It was not a mountain but a huge pile of things. A bigger “thing” than he expected.

He was very happy and started shouting loudly. Then he also saw Sniff and Scurry there. He was very happy to see Ha.

But with happiness, he looked back again and again and again. He was waiting for his friend Hem. He wondered if Hem would have moved on from his place?

Would he have entered the maze?

Would he have accepted the change and moved on to victory?

Then he heard a sound, he realized that perhaps his friend had arrived there.

What did you learn from this story?

Best Moral of Story Based on Book “Who Moved My Cheese?”

1- First of all, change happens all the time in this world. Changes come with the passage of time in every area of ​​your life. If you want to be successful then always be ready for this change.

2- Sniff and Scurry were very understanding. He was also enjoying his thing but was also cautious and used to analyze his thing everyday and find out how much thing is getting less. You too should be like these two. You should also keep on analyzing the things that give happiness to you like job, money, every favorite thing from time to time.

3- When we analyze our thing that we get an idea of ​​when and how much change can happen in which thing and we can be ready for it. And when there is change, you can discover new things immediately. If we don’t do this, the same condition happens as Hem and Haw.

4- If you do not analyze your thing and if there is a sudden change, then accept that change as soon as possible and before the very bad situation happens, start in search of new things as it seemed. If you stay like Hem, then things will go on getting worse. The sooner you give up the old thing, the sooner you will find something new.

5- You are very happy when you have your thing but change is the law of nature. It may be that if your thing becomes useless or gets exhausted, then you should always be ready for change. If you don’t change yourself with change you will destroy yourself.

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